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Change It Up

Change It Up


by Lana Gersman

How often have we heard from within the Pro-Age community, how annoying it is to see ads for anti-aging products when it’s obvious the models are in their teens or early twenties? Do advertisers truly think we are gullible enough to believe that these young models are seeing results from these beauty products and that’s why they look like this?

So what are advertisers thinking?

The fact is our Pro-Age community find older models far more inspiring than younger ones. These youthful faces stare back at us with no expression or roadmap, whatsoever. Not only can we still look good as we’re getting older, we also cherish the life we have lived and the lines of experience that give us character!

Take a look at someone like Dame Judi Dench. Age becomes her!

For me, I feel clothing designers do not seem to realize that the older I get, the sexier I feel. My expectations are realistic and I have less hang ups than I used to have..

I dress for comfort but with style. I don’t want to wear some of the styles that younger women wear but that does not mean I don’t walk into Bloomies or Saks without the hope of finding what I want.
And as I age, I have refined what I like. 

The confidence I have shows
And I take care of myself; my skin… my hair, simply because it makes me feel good. Personally I try to show a mix of styles that are current and still be comfortable. We may not want to wear what we wore in our 20’s and 30’s. Some of us still do. 
At the Pro-Age Woman, we believe each to their own.

In my youth I chose my clothes more haphazardly. Now, without question it’s about style and a kind of uniform, meaning I like to wear the things I know that work for me. So we thought we’d have a little fun with this. We asked our brilliant Art Director, Tracey-Lea Buchler, to swap the faces of young models in this Balmain advertisement for older ones. We only left in one young model, so you can compare. It really does not make any difference whether you use older or younger women, now does it?

We do appreciate that Balmain and especially Creative Director Oliver Rousteing, has embraced diversity and we would like to ask them this question, what about age diversity, guys?


Images Balmain Cover – Photographer: Mario Sorrenti, Designer: Oliver Rousteing, Season Fall/Winter 2014 Balman Fall Ads. Image Dame Judi Dench by Martin Shoeller. 


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Author Alka Joshi
of The Henna Artist and The Secret Keeper of Jaipur

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