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Dare To Wear Meri Frischman

Dare To Wear

by Meri Frischman  
Illustration Patrizia Terranova 
Fashion vs. Style

STYLE is a self-portrait, a reflection of who we are. It announces to the world THIS IS ME. It is a form of self-expression that comes from the inside out. It’s our unique individual voice.

FASHION is about trends. It is the collective voice. The designers’ voice. It comes from the outside in.

Here, at this moment, I want to speak about STYLE.

It’s often said that women dress, not for men but for other women. Well, It’s time to do neither. It’s time to dress for YOU. Not anyone else. We’ve earned the right.

As for me, as the years have gone by, I’ve become bolder in almost all areas of my life. That’s the beauty of age. The power to emerge as who we are grows deeper and stronger. And the truth is my style has been a reflection of that.

Truthfully, I have never understood the strict rules applied as the dress code for the older woman. Why do societal norms limit us because of age??

Style is style!!

Whether it be a woman 25, 65 or 85!!

Some think that one is born with style but I’m not quite sure. Since culture dictates fashion maybe we feel limited in our choices? Maybe we stay within the boundaries set for us? Maybe we feel we must internally contain our self-expression? Well maybe, but hopefully not once we reach a certain age when we break free of the concern for what others think. For me, that time is now.

Actually, this is what led me to initiating The Pro-Age Woman. I began feeling the limitations that brands were presenting to our population; and truthfully it propelled me forward in my quest to shatter the antiquated perceptions around today’s aging woman in all areas of our lives.

And I’m happy to say, things are changing. The women’s movement of our past gives us the fortitude to fight our fight now. And we are not stopping till we forge the way for ourselves and the generations to come.

In my humble opinion, there’s only one style rule and this is it:

Be true to YOU. It’s well deserved. 

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