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Mirror Vs Soul

Mirror vs. Soul


by Meri Frischman

Here lies the conflict that arises throughout our later years.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could see our soul as the reflection in the mirror, to see who we are authentically rather than superficially?

What would that look like for us? To dig deep down to our essence, our truth and let this define our beauty.

The quest for our legacy lies within, in the soul, in our inner being, and I believe this is what we seek at this moment in our life. And as we dishearteningly watch our exterior wrinkle and crepe, we must work hard to bring our focus inward, to find our inspiration from the inside out. We need to create an ongoing practice toward self-acceptance, which is not an easy task when we view the image reflected in the mirror. The beauty without is changing, so we must now come to recognize and appreciate the beauty within.

As life unfolds during these Pro-Age years the layers peel back little by little to reveal “our real”, our self that’s been hiding and waiting to emerge. Waiting for the quiet time, waiting for the stillness to present itself. We can hear the stirrings, those that we couldn’t hear earlier. Those that were muffled by everything around us, everything we were busy accomplishing. But now they’re rising and I believe rising from our soul, our spirit.

Let’s intently listen to the cues and pay attention to them. Use them to guide us toward fulfillment. This is our work if we so choose it; to finish what’s unfinished, whatever that means to each of us, whatever rings true for each of us. Let’s live with intention, with purpose, with curiosity, to strive for our best. It’s never too late. And as our years unfold, possibly, just possibly, our hidden gifts will unfold. Let’s not focus on what was, what’s behind us. Instead let us be present in the now and compose the future that we envision. It’s all up to us! 


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