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Movement Is A Privilege

Movement Is A Privilege


Celebrity Trainer, Kacy Duke believes
“Movement is a Privilege.

It is one of the most important age-defying assets we have.”

by Lana Gersman

Kacy and I met at Equinox gym in New York City, about thirty years ago and I immediately fell in love with her. How could you not? She is a thoughtful, spiritual and positive person. Through the decades I watched Kacy rise to fame as a celebrity trainer, working with the who’s who of people from all walks of life, who were at the top of their game or on their way to the top. 

People such as Denzel Washington, Iman, Mary Louise Parker, Julianne Moore, Rachel Weisz, Bruce Willis, Gwen Stefani, Dakota Johnson (the list goes on and on and on). Not once did I see her become affected by this, and trust me, working behind the scenes as a makeup artist my whole life, I have seen people do a 180 degree, and change overnight. Not Kacy. She remained her sweet considerate and genuine self.

Kacy is not only humble and unassuming, she is joyful. With all her success she takes nothing and no one for granted. She is our kind of woman; a Pro-Age Woman who uplifts others with her warmth, honest and caring communication, while focusing on the betterment of women.

Kacy also proves that exercise and healthy eating really work to keep our bodies and mind’s strong. This is what 65 looks like. Wowee! And when she trains you, she is completely focused and propels you forward in the most charming ways.

Some of Kacy’s clients say she has the Benjamin Button gene. She doesn’t believe in getting caught up in the Age Game -“what a bloody waste of time,” she says. She walks her talk, especially when it comes to embracing a healthy, youthful life – and one that’s absolutely not defined by her age.

Kacy believes aging is not only about good genes or bad genes. “When you take care of yourself, it shows and vice versa.” So, what determines your aging alchemy? She says, “attention, intention, action and choices are what matter!”

When I asked Kacy exactly what that meant, her clever turns of phrase made me smile and I began to think that perhaps she is the Mohammed Ali of the fitness world.  

“Who you are and how you choose to age is a result of your attention and intention! Your thoughts matter too: How you feel, is how you heal! When you push through, when you reinvent and when you’re still. These are all important parts of your life’s journey! It’s how you claim and proclaim, this is my life and I matter!”

Also, she believes one of the most important age-defying assets we have, is movement. “Movement is a privilege.” Kacy’s “Age-Defying Get-Thru- Anything” Movement Moments, will tone and strengthen your body and mind! 

Keep on moving, Kacy and please keep spreading your vibe of positivity. It’s positively infectious!

Click here to meet Kacy Duke.
Her website is @kacydukefitness @kacydukecelebritytrainer @kacyduke_agedefier @kacyduke

Credits — Ambassador Digital Magazine @ambassador_mag, Creative Director: Paul Morejón @paulmorejon, Hair Stylist: @stevenricenyc, MakeUp Artist: @tedricklamarart, Designer: @edwingdangelo, Stylist: @memsor 


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