Shattering Age Old & Old Age Perceptions

The Pro-Age Woman

Shattering Age Old & Old Age Perceptions

The Pro-Age Woman
The Pro-Age Woman

Shattering Age Old & Old Age Perceptions

Shattering Age Old & Old Age Perceptions


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We are a digital global communications platform to engage, entertain, inform and genuinely support women thriving beyond their dreams.

   This is a tribute to the fabulous-over 55-modern day woman, who has a voice and is forging a new path for herself and for generations to come.




To paint a portrait of the world of possibilities open to our powerful community, the 55+ modern-day woman. Through our site we reveal the importance of expressing our hearts and concerns and together bring about change.


One of the best ways to stay relevant is to remain curious and keep up with what is trending.

Think of our site as an updated digital version of the print magazines we all loved. With the turn of a page we learned about new beauty tips and products, fashion trends, music, etc.

Here we will strive to be your “go to” place for “what’s happening” and what you “need to know”. Simultaneously, we will aspire to be the catalyst championing you on your successful journey as the years unfold. We want to “Shatter age old & old age perceptions”, and shift the paradigm from falsehoods to truths about our flourishing and vibrant community..

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It’s Not About Us. It’s About You!


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