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A fashion revolution is in-progress, leveling every 20th century style standard like a Tsunami in its wake. The results: a fresh space is being filled with the skewed, textured aesthetic of Millennials, picking up where we, as defiant young Boomers during the 60’s and 70’s left off. An intentional sensibility blurring lines and rules, an intersection where rebellion and glam are merging and rising to the fore.

New Norms | Women 60+ Millennial Style

  • The French Tuck, an ode to the emerging Millennial standard of hip casual chic, an intentional, slightly unkempt attitude channelled through this strategically-place detail suggest nonchalance, a fluid, effortless stance being embrace by men, women of all ages and teens.
  • Knotting, has found its way into the mainstream of trending fashion, with ageless appeal to men and women of all ages and teens, who want to customize the fit of their T-shirt, accentuate their line or personalize their look.
  • Stripes and Checks, once upon a time a major taboo akin to wearing white after labor day is now tres passe. The clash of layered prints like Houndstooth, polka dots, leopard, and zebra have replaced matchy-match, especially matching hats and shoes through a sleek monochromatic look forever reigns.

Women 60+ are rising up to this new day in the evolution of wear, having fun, being inspired, reinvigorating our relevancy as we merge dual paths of what was, with what is happening in Fashion during this seismic shift into the future of mode taking place in real-time. Boomers now entering their 60’s continue to counter the dictates of popular culture. We are leading ourselves and expressing our individuality. We are empowering ourselves by channeling our aesthetic impulses through the fine art medium of fashion, fiber, cloth and conceptual design, on our own terms. In doing so, a growing number of women representing sub-set genres of Fashion, including plus size, Muslim, and Trans; boomers 60+, and genX entering their 50’s are shaping trends, customizing preferences, resetting parameters, and establishing millennium norms.

The generation that liberated itself from conformity, and knocked decorum off its pedestal, went braless, wore pants, and sought inspiration and pleasure by stepping outside the box rather than striving by every means necessary to fit in? That would be the Boomers. That would be us. We who have redefined inherited style standards of every phase of our lives, and guess what? We are at it again!

One more historic example of note to share. Remember Demi Moore’s iconic Vogue cover during the early 90’s, looking gorgeous, everso pregnant and tastefully nude, that marked a milestone moment in the evolution of mother-to-be style. That cover represented a turning point. Childbearing women of the 90’s decided they preferred to celebrate motherhood, rather than shroud themselves in frumpy, unattractive silhouettes that exemplified more shame than pride and happiness, standards that women had no say in establishing. Fashion designers, garment and accessory manufacturers, lifestyle and home decor producers quickly adapted, changing industry standards and red carpet looks forever!

As a critical mass of blondes, redheads, and brunettes enter their 60’s embracing their gray tresses and strands, post motherhood years and professional careers; feeling no need to impress, we are reveling in our newfound freedom to celebrate ourselves. Once again Boomers are stepping outside the box, claiming our space, pursuing our dreams and passions, moving forward with vision, realizing it’s our time. We are free to BE, and live our best lives.

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