Helen Fritsch is a 62-year-old Flight Attendant, Bodybuilding Pro, Podcaster and published Fitness Model. You can listen to her podcasts at www.ageisirrelevant.com. Follow Helen on Instagram @helenfritsch_ifbbpro

For years, women have been inundated with messages that aging is something we should dread and perhaps even fight! It was unquestionably accepted as a fact of life. Well, not anymore! Today’s woman over 50 is showing the world who’s boss. The terms “old age” and “over the hill” no longer have any merit. There’s a new movement now embracing and showcasing just how spectacular it is to age! The way women perceive aging definitely influences how they age.

Today’s woman over 50 is now a “Pro-Ager”! She’s strong, confident, self- assured and excited about the future. She doesn’t let her age hinder her desire to go after what she wants. She’s willing to take risks, start something new and most importantly, she takes pride in the journey and embraces the process! Why the sudden turn of events? Well, It’s just not about slathering expensive facial creams on your face to try and hide your age anymore. It’s about embracing the concept of growing older. It’s about living a healthy lifestyle and feeling comfortable in our own skin. It’s about celebrating the life that we’ve lived and not be self-conscious about it. It’s about being defiantly proud of our age and shouting it to the world instead of hiding it!

Does this ring a bell? Are you a “pro-ager”? Do you accept and look forward to the aging process? If you are…Bravo to you! If you’re not just yet on the bandwagon, here are a few benefits of “Pro-Age” thinking that may help you convert to a Pro-Age lifestyle!

1. Pro Age thinking can help you live longer! Yale and Harvard studies both have shown that a positive attitude about aging increases life expectancy, on average, an extra 8-10 years!

2. Practice prevention! Being mindful and adopting positive preventative, healthy habits can not only stimulate your mind but can also turn back the clock mentally and physically.

3. Pro-Age thinking boosts memory and improves your lifestyle! A negative mindset and expecting memory decline can actually contribute to memory loss. Your behavior, attitude and environment shape the direction of your life! Manage your stress. Don’t get stuck in a stagnant, unhealthy environment. Be open and receptive to the Universe and what it has to offer. Make those necessary changes. Step out of your comfort zone. Take that leap of faith!

4. Diet and exercise keep the body young! It’s a proven fact that eating a clean diet, avoiding inflammatory foods and exercising on a regular basis will turn back the clock!

Become vested and commit to make this Pro-Age lifestyle a permanent, life long habit! Your body, your mind and those around you will be glad you did!

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