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I don’t understand why women are embarrassed to admit their age. I’ll be 69 this November…at least that’s the plan.

Really, what’s the big deal? In my opinion, by evading the question or lying about it, we’re perpetuating the age-shaming of women that’s so prevalent in our society. 😊

What got me thinking about this was an ezine with an article by a woman who wrote that she was bravely admitting her age (51!) on social media.

It’s a number, people. And it’s 2019. Seriously.

Do I love the fact that at age 68, I have a bunch of wrinkles? Is this a trick question? No, I’m not crazy about it. But when I step out of my it’s-not-fair-I- can’t-even-believe-it shoes, I remind myself I’m not 25 anymore. At 68, it’s pretty normal to have my share of wrinkles..and smile lines too! I’ve earned each and every one of them through this roller coaster of life that delivers surprises at each turn.

When I was 25, I took my health (and non-wrinkled face) for granted. I also thought that after age 30, everything would start going downhill. Thankfully, I was wrong!

At 68, I work diligently to be the best and healthiest version of me. I choose my food carefully, exercise regularly, meditate twice a day, and aim for 7-8 hours of sleep. I’m extremely grateful that I’m t and have no real health issues. Just those few pesky wrinkles.

So I embrace my age and my smile lines and, yes, the wrinkles. I’ll even be thankful for the opportunity to acquire a few new ones along the way.

And I’ll remind myself of what Gwen Stefani said: “You’re not getting older; you’re getting more entitled to be your fabulous self.”


Start now:

  • Choose more whole foods.
  • Get moving! Do what you can until you can do more. Reduce stress: Meditate, Do Yoga, Spend time in nature and stop multi-tasking.
  • Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night.

Will this make you younger? No. Will it make you feel younger? What have you got to lose?

The Tough Stuff of Aging..

I know this may not sound like a huge deal; but, I just don’t have the desire to jump up and out of bed the minute I’m awake. No kidding. More and more I’m feeling this. In my youth (my 50’s lol), I would run out to make it to my two hour workout at the gym.

Now, I enjoy just laying around for a while. Then, when I’m ready, I try to mentally schedule my day according to how I’m feeling. Too much in one day makes me feel totally overwhelmed. If I have a busy day, I won’t plan an outing in the evening.. and vice versa. Ugh!!!!

I know..I know..but this is my truth. Anyone else??

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Maggy Mason