Gail Gensler: BDC Manager, BluePrint Certified BDC Manager for a multi point automotive dealership in Miami. Acura Excell certified. Instagram: @boxingprincess22

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”

Athletics is one of the biggest parts of my life. It is what I have repeatedly done for the duration of my life, and therefore, it is what I am. My passion for physical activity began in my childhood. I was an active participant in tennis, volleyball, and tetherball.

Retrospectively, these sports all had one common factor; they were hands-on activities, where I was using the strength in my arms to exert my energy. It was no winder then, that when I took my rst boxing class in 1999, I was “hooked”. It was a remarkable experience to find a sport similar to those of my youth, where I got to use my upper-body strength; but this time, this activity was more empowering. I felt that I had found what my passion would be for many years to come.

That was why, when a local boxing gym opened in my area, I promptly joined as a member and continued to grow as a recreational boxer. I was overjoyed when I had the chance to become the owner of this same gym.. the gym where I had been a member. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to bring both sides of me that is, businesswoman and boxing fanatic into one chapter of my life.

I never gave up on my passion for boxing, and I wanted to give others the same feeling of power and satisfaction that I feel whenever I box. At 55 years old, I taught boxing classes to inspire others, of any age, to pursue this exercise and never stop improving at it. Although I have other interests in exercise, such as CrossFit, Circuit Training and lifting, nothing compares to boxing. It makes me feel like a champion whenever I complete a boxing workout; and it is an activity in which age is never an obstacle. Age is only a small afterthought when I box. It is only when I finish my workout that I think about my age, and how regardless of it, I am able to empower myself, inspire others, and complete phenomenal workouts.

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Gail Gensler