I’m Meri Frischman.

I am a Pro-Age Advocate and the Founder of the ProAge Network allowing me a platform to build this amazing community of fabulous formidable women who want to share, inspire and uplift each other. It’s actually a passion project that’s enabled me to realize a life long dream and it has taken me places I never thought it would. It’s been such an unexpected pleasant surprise.

During my years as a fitness and wellness professional, I began searching the internet for activewear and street styles for my workouts to nights out. While doing so, I came to the realization that there were no sites specifically targeted to the stylish, sophisticated, urban woman that DOES NOT just want to age gracefully; but, rather dares to age PROUDLY.

So, it organically became my passion, which still remains to this day at the vibrant age of 68, to scour through various on line stores in an effort to locate edgy, chic fashions that could work for the woman 50 and beyond.

That is how @uber.chic.over.60 and then @the.pro.age.woman came to be.