The 5 Activators To Reinvent Your Life – Step Three




by The Pro Age Woman Editorial




The 5 Activators To Reinvent Your Life – Step Three

By The Pro Age Woman Editorial




An authentic self leads to your purpose and, ultimately, your vision.

When I ask people, “what’s your vision?” most answer about achieving something outside themselves. But, another way of asking that question is, “what’s your purpose?” When people think about their vision, it usually intertwines with the concept of their lives. As a result, they tend to focus on the DOING rather than the BEING that gives them purpose and brings them happiness and satisfaction. But it’s really in the BEING that will bring them everlasting joy.

Think about it, once the project, job, or goal is complete, you’re back at base one. You’re looking for the next project or reinvention to feel your sense of worth again. Does that sound familiar?

In other words, purpose is a state of BEING, not DOING. It’s within us… always. You just have to know how to connect with it.

A beautiful and powerful book by Dr. Shefali titled A Radical Awakening is about awakening and breaking free from old patterns to become our highest, most authentic selves.

I love this quote by Dr. Shefali, “Just as the sun is ever flowing with its light, so is your purpose ever flowing within you. It isn’t something to be found or searched for. It is right there, deep within you, longing for expression. It emerges when you are present to your truth.” (P. 303)*

Dr. Shefali says that what’s missing is not our purpose but our connection to it. If we are not aligned with our innermost authentic selves, we will feel disconnected and disengaged. So no matter what new vision or reinvention we want to create, if we’re living from a false self, purpose will never be found. And if we’re not engaged or connected to our vision, it will eventually become meaningless no matter how great it is.

So I’d like to guide you and shift your intention and attention from finding your vision or purpose on the outside to searching deep within.

Here are profound questions that Dr. Shefali suggests we answer: (P. 304)*

What do I want more of in my life so I can be authentic?

What do I not want in my life anymore to be authentic?

What can I do to arrive at a new inner state at this moment?

When I’m in a state of lack, the present moment is excruciating! Why?

The answers usually have to do with seeking validation, approval, a sense of belonging, a need to be loved, or a need for self-worth.

These are inner needs that outward things cannot fulfill—or it becomes an inside job.

Finding your vision always starts within you, and then once you’ve experienced the inner healing, you’ll be doing things that light you up and invite joy. Then you can start creating new chapters that induce passion and excitement, and the manifestation begins!

I remember a recent vision I created just three years ago. I wanted to write. I was processing a lot of healing in my life, such as going to rehab to stop my sleeping pill addiction and then learning how to forgive my mentally ill, narcissistic abusive mother. And finally, I discovered how

to love myself without looking for love from men who mirrored my mother’s characteristics.

Before my healing, I’d completed a two-year program where I received my Masters in Spiritual Psychology from USM; it’s where I learned the tools and techniques to heal. After graduation, I was so excited to share these tools with anyone who listened and thought if they worked for me,

they could work for anyone. And then realized the best platform to do that was by writing.

So, I created a vision to become a contributing writer for Thrive Global, Huffington Post, and Authority Magazine. But I thought I couldn’t just stop there—I’m playing small, and the truth was I had a genuine desire to help women heal from limiting beliefs. I felt so awakened, connected,

and engaged in my life that I started dreaming bigger. I started visualizing myself writing books. I dreamed I would become a best-selling author. I imagined speaking at conferences, teaching women’s empowerment workshops and retreats, and coaching women worldwide. Finally, I acknowledged I was a teacher, and I loved it! And guess what? I’m doing everything that I envisioned today! I believed my visions came true because I did my inner healing work, connected to purpose, and was finally aligned with my authentic self. I was living my vision from within me, not outside of me.

Now that you know that it is essential to do your inner healing first, tap into purpose, then create your vision, let’s begin that process now.

The best vision blossoms from your dreams, hopes, and aspirations. It will also resonate with your values, ideals, and authenticity. This will automatically generate energy and enthusiasm to help strengthen your commitment to explore the possibilities of your life.

One of my favorite quotes about visions is by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, “A vision is not just a picture of what could be, it’s an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.”

I believe if you don’t develop your OWN vision, you will allow other people and circumstances to direct the course of your life.

So, what is a vision? A vision is a compass to a life of meaning. It includes your values, mission, and your code of conduct.

It gives you direction. It’s a way to answer the million-dollar question that we all ask, “Why am I here? What’s my purpose? Where do I see myself in life?”

At this stage of our lives, let’s focus on the one vision or desire that you have burning inside your heart that you must do! If you don’t do it, that one thing will turn into the biggest regret of your life. So that is the vision I want you to concentrate on right now. Creating a vision helps

keep regrets away from your life. People regret inactions more than actions and regret what they didn’t do. Do you remember my mentioning Daniel H. Pink’s book, The Power of Regret? Your vision and purpose will control and make your decisions, ultimately creating your lifestyle. It decides how you spend your time. It gives you a reason for your actions, choices, hopes, and desires. It will shred your “to-do” list because it will force you to question what items on your list are not aligned with your vision.

A vision can help you prevent a lot of mistakes. Your decisions become easier because you’re simply identifying what’s aligned (or not) with your true self. It also helps you avoid wasting resources. You won’t waste time, money, or energy working with the wrong people because

your vision defines your goal. And without having an end goal or destination in mind, you won’t have a clearly defined path.

Here are a few questions that I’d like to ask to help you define what path you want to take:

– What’s stopping you from being joyful?

– What’s causing you to play small?

– What’s stopping you from playing big?

– What traits do you have that might sabotage your vision? What hinders you?

– What do you believe you can’t do?

– What activities bring you happiness?

– What do you know you can do?

– If you had a Fairy Godmother who told you that you could do anything you wanted, what would that be?

You are worth all your time. So stop DOING for a moment and start BEING with yourself truthfully.

Be patient. You will get to your truth as to what your vision looks like.

Have fun, be honest, think deeply, and rise to your authenticity during the process. Then, become the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

See you next month for Step 4!



“Have a vision. It is the ability to see the invisible. If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible.” Shiv Khera

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