Anne Heller, @annel1015, Director with Take Stock in Children Manatee, Florida. She mentors students and the program provides scholarships to the students who stay drug- free and crime-free. Mentor, coach and career counseling. Career placement professional. Changing the world one person at a time.

Helping women find jobs and offering career counseling has taught me we must learn to give back. We must impart our knowledge of what we have learned from our experiences. Mature knowledge is power! We have value to give to make the world a better place.

We create our own beauty by sharing with our attitude and our behaviors. As the old saying goes actions speak louder than words. When women come to me for career advice they always start with what they don’t have…I ask them to hit the reset button and tell me what experience they have inside the work force and outside. It never ceases to amaze me how we sell ourselves short and yet our experiences in life have such value. My favorite line is “I’m too old” and I ask for what? What are you too old for and why are you telling yourself this? The aging process allows us to take our life experiences and expand on them. Does a 35-year-old have what we have?

One of the exercises I always ask my candidates to do is:
1. Write down your top 10 life experiences. Things that really impacted your life.
2. Take the top 5 of that 10 and narrow the list.
3. Take 3 of the 5 and narrow it down.

Usually by the time they complete this exercise, it tells a lot about their lives and what makes their hearts sing. As we age, we need to focus on the positive and let go of the negative talk in our minds.

1. We are of value.
2. We are knowledge.
3. We are our best selves with so much to offer.
4. Mentor: Giveback…your talent is needed and wanted.
5. Is your best self-showing up to life each day? Why not?
6. Do something different everyday…start simple and challenge yourself. 7. Exercise. So good for the mind and body.
8. Take time for yourself each day.
9. Take the high road and be the positive change this world needs.
10. When you interview take that attitude of “’I’m of value”. We are and we have earned this place in life. Let it shine like a ray of sun off you!

Life is what you make it and tell yourself every day! We are a force to be seen and heard. Speak your truth and know who you are. Condence goes far and so does a great sense of humor. Laugh more. Teach our daughters this! My great aunt who died close to 100 years of age taught me that only you can take care of you. You know your soul and what makes you happy. Celebrate you and your uniqueness.

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