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As style is a reflection of who we are, why are there so many fashion do’s and don’t for the 55+ woman.

“It looks too young. It looks too old. It’s too short. It’s too long.”

It’s time to change the rules and stop the judgements. So here we want to present you with choices, regardless of age.

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Marcella grew out of the practical reality of living in New York City: big bills and small closets. Even as we design in NYC and handcraft all of our pieces in Europe using only locally sourced fabrics and trims, we price our designer apparel and accessories at 25% and 75% less than the competition. Our promise is to democratize minimalist designer apparel and accessories for the benefit of women everywhere.

– Winter Warmers –

The concept was born out of Nathalie’s deep desire to share her high street fashion tastes with a community, a desire to share her unique, unconventional style which breaks fashion rules, a style which is both boho and rock and which is perfect for a free woman who’s a bit nonchalant and has a grunge spirit.

– Any day Denim –


Our Crystal Beauty Ball Predictions for 2022

Out of every negative and challenging thing in our lives, new life grows and the pandemic of the past 18- 20 months is no exception.

A collection of exciting new hair, makeup and skincare trends have evolved that will surprise and delight you. We have chosen one from each of the above categories.


With more time spent at home, and looking down into our phones, the chin and neck have taken a beating. Tackling sagging necks and creepy jawlines, will increase in popularity using ‘jeck’ masks that firm and lift double chins. Much like the LED masks that gained esteem and popularity during the pandemic these types of products will continue to develop. Think of them as smart beauty products and will emanate in products and devices.


With face masks still an everyday necessity it’s safe to say that the eyes continue to play a leading role. The trend is cream eye shadows that do not crease but are far more forgiving than dry formulas. They slide on with ease and in my opinion are a much better bet for Pro-Agers as they are moist and easy to blend. The darker formulas work as substitute eyeliners and the warm brown shades can be applied to your forehead as a bronzer. Ask for crease proof formulas.


Skincare for the scalp will move into the mainstream of beauty products. Scalp scrubs, aromatherapy serums that hit your bloodstream quickly, hair tea infusions steeped with natural tea.


Nancy is founder of, a website for activities professionals who work with people 55+ in group settings. She is also the author of three best selling game books 399 Games, Puzzles, & Trivia Challenges Specially Designed to Keep Your Brain Young, 417 More Games, Puzzles, & Trivia Challenges Specially Designed to Keep Your Brain Young and 299 On-The-Go Games & Puzzles to Keep Your Brain Young. They’re perfect gifts for anyone who wants to keep their minds active and engaged!

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