Karen Lockyer: Make-up artist, Beauty Professional, Nutrition and weight loss coach. Just about to launch Graceful Disgraceful Make-up experience for Pro- Age Women. You can find Karen at www.karen-lockyer.co.uk and @gracefuldisgraceful on Instagram.

Gravity has a lot to answer for, literally a weight on our shoulders. As every decade passes, we fight against the effects of gravity that little bit harder. Other than moving to the moon where a gravity free life could potentially reduce the aging process (which does seem to be a distant possibility; but, then the space helmet would make the effort pointless, I’m thinking!).

I’m talking about our face growing older, changing through the decades advertising to others who we are. Happiness, sadness, stress all our emotions on show for all to see. As a make- up artist with a maturing face of my own, I champion these changes and wish to help and motivate others, as they grow older, to feel positive and to keep evolving in order to reach that point where they are happy in their own skin.

There are many things we can do physically to help us feel more positive about ourselves as we grow older. I prefer the natural way, which requires a healthy mind, body and a positive outlook.

Skin will lose elastin and muscle tone over time and hormonal changes play their part. We should embrace our hard-earned wrinkles, even though an ageist society makes it tough to do so. Pro-age doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t make the most of ourselves; and that we shouldn’t tackle dry skin-free radical damage, medication, improper skin care and poor habits such as smoking, drinking, poor nutrition, lack of sleep and lack of movement which can all effect our skin.

So, what can we do to naturally help ourselves to look and feel great? Vitamin E, it is a great skin defense and regenerator. Great sources of Vitamin E is avocado, nuts, seeds and broccoli. This added to a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water along with a good night’s sleep (which can be easier said than done as you get older) can all be beneficial. I slept through a hurricane in my youth; but now I’m faced with regular night sweats and a racing mind. How amazing a bit of mindfulness can be to soothe you into sleep!

Also, avoiding harsh chemicals on your skin and in your diet is very important as they can promote poor health and dull your skin. Face yoga can really help to keep the muscle tone in your face and they are great fun as well (making ridiculous faces at yourself in the mirror). Affordable skin products, cleansing, toning and moisturizing morning and night are all very important as well. It is not so much about what you use, but more about the action of massaging which increases the blood supply to the muscles. Another tip is to keep the skin supple so as to give yourself and your skin a bit of TLC. Throw in a quick Wonder Woman pose to start your day feeling strong.

Face up to it, age should bring us wisdom, confidence and hopefully a sense of humor. So, get exercising those facial muscles and put a smile on it.


  • A great way to begin facial exercises is to start your day with a happy face.
  • Sit comfortably in front of the mirror and completely relax your face, neck and shoulders. Think happy.
  • Place your index fingers at the corners of your mouth and apply gentle pressure to slightly lift your mouth to a slight smile. Stick your tongue out and point up, then slowly move tongue along top lip from side to side.
  • Once the muscles are trained to engage and hold the very slight smile, remove your fingers and hold the muscles and repeat 10 times.
  • Once you can hold these muscles try holding throughout the day (without the tongue out ) This gives a lift to your face and makes you appear happy which has a knock-on effect with all around you.
  • This exercise lightly engages the Risorious and Levator Auguli Oris muscles, which are responsible to pull a smile lifting your face and subtly firming the muscles around your mouth.
  • Using the tongue intensifies the move and strengthens and aligns the jaw.

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Karen Lockyer