Shattering Age Old & Old Age Perceptions

Shattering Age Old & Old Age Perceptions

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The 5 Activators To Reinvent Your Life – Step One

- PIRIE JONES GROSSMAN ARE YOU AT A CROSSROADS IN YOUR LIFE? Women are starting to see creative potential in their midlife years and beyond. Age is no longer seen as a burden but an asset. Women have the experience and hard-won wisdom and are no longer willing to consider themselves too old to dream. When we approach 50, how we are seen in the [ Read More ]

The Beauty of Diversity

by SUSIE LANG On my recent trip back to my birth country, Australia, I was invited to my sister’s home for her bookclub gathering. A group of pro-actively inspired, creative, funny, inspirational and intellectual women all over 60 allowed me to experience the celebration of their community and connection. The importance of community for women as we age often gives new life, particularly as their [ Read More ]

The Light We Can’t See

By: CATHERINE HARRISON "Take a good look at the faces of your three sons because you will not be able to see them as grown men".  This was the cruelest way I can think of to tell someone they are going blind...yet that is exactly what happened to me.  I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), a blinding, genetic retinal disease in 1995 and told [ Read More ]


by: SUSAN SILVER One  of  my  heroes,  a  true genius, Stephen Sondheim, recently passed. I worshiped him. As a writer, I marveled at his ability to express what we all feel, deep down, fearful and courageous, looking for love but terrified of finding it.  And, as he wrote in Follies: “Good times, bum times, I've seen 'em all, I’ve run the gamut, A to Z, [ Read More ]

The Power of One Another

by: GENEVIEVE PITURRO Starting every New Year with a promise to ourselves is a universal tradition. Resolutions mark new beginnings and this New Year is no different … or is it? So many of us have re-discovered ourselves over the past two years. Some of us would be more comfortable erasing these months and returning to the way it was at the end of 2019. [ Read More ]

Why Pro Aging Changed my Life and Can Change Yours Too

by: PIRIE JONES-GROSSMAN Have you ever wondered why an older woman with prominent laugh lines, a probable result of her joy for life, can look a decade younger than her best friend of the same age? The decisive benefit of pro-aging thinking is not found in an expensive moisturizer or multiple visits to the doctor’s office, although our society markets those options as remedies to [ Read More ]

A Career Paved in Diamonds

Carol Brodie “As we head into 2022, I keep asking myself what’s next? What is my true purpose? Why don’t I feel that I’ve even begun to achieve what I am destined to do? And I realize that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am away in the warm sunshine, my kids are close by, happy and healthy. My mom is [ Read More ]

A Note from Meri

Spring has sprung, and with it comes a sense of optimism, hope and excitement, an appreciation of nature and beauty, and a feeling of wonder and anticipation. In thinking about Spring, and things being in full bloom, a thought came to me; I’m so happy to say that the Pro-Age Woman’s Movement, is also in full bloom! Our readership is multiplying daily and seeing the [ Read More ]

The Importance of Respecting Your Body

- GAIL GENSLER Body positivity has grown over the last decade or so. We see more and more models and spokespeople with common and relatable body types which is great for inclusivity. As a 60+-year-old pro-aging fitness enthusiast and lifestyle influencer, this movement has helped me tremendously; I keep myself in good shape, but I'm far from perfect like the models we're used to seeing [ Read More ]

That Time I Didn’t Have a Midlife Crisis

- DARA GOLDBERG Fifteen years ago, everyone around me thought I was having a midlife crisis. And, I agreed with them.  If you looked at my life from the outside, you’d think I had everything going for me. A great career. Great colleagues. Amazing friends. A loving family. My own home. Good health. And, the list goes on from there.  But, on the inside, something [ Read More ]

A Modern Midlife

by CATHERINE GRACE O'CONNELL If you type “midlife” into your browser, guess what Google gives you in return? Yep… midlife crisis. I say F#*k Google! (BTW, Brene Brown says there’s massive science behind the use of the four letter word!) I’d like to introduce you to a Modern Midlife. This ain’t no crisis… You, Sister, are the perfect storm. It’s taken me quite a while [ Read More ]

How To Stay Accountable to Your New Year Fitness Goals

by: BOBBI PARKER-HALL How many times have you started a New Year's Fitness Resolution to get in the best shape of your life and two weeks later you were over it? Well, you're not alone. In order to make your New Year's resolutions stick, they need to be clearly rooted in the heart. The more passionate you are about a goal, the more motivated  you'll [ Read More ]


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