If I could tell you a few things…

The holiday season is the perfect time to do at least one act of kindness. It will feel as good to you as it will to the person you help.

So begin the new year with thoughts of gratitude. I’ve been wanting to begin a journal for so long and never got around to it. So, now I’ve decided to replace at least one daily negative thought with one positive thought in hopes of creating a new habit of feeling grateful. How fabulous would that be!!!!

Want to begin this exercise with me and support each other through it??

The Tough Stuff of Aging..

So, last week I had a meet up with a group of very wonderful 50+ women (remember I am 68). As I sat there, listening and observing them, I for the first time had thoughts regarding my decade plus age differential. I could see and feel the difference.

When I left, my inner response was a bit of sadness as well as what the f*** just happened!! I had not before recognized this with such intensity.

After much self-talk repeatedly saying “you’re doing ok, you’re not so old” I pulled myself out of this tough reality. Well for now anyway!!

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