Is 60 really the new 40?? Or, is 60 simply the “new and improved 60”??

Can we really defy our age or anti age? Of course not! Then, why do we continually strive for that?? There are undeniable signs of aging that we can’t ignore; there are bodily changes, facial changes, mental and physical fitness changes. There can be health changes. They are all issues inevitably involved in the aging process.

We are constantly growing older; but, we CAN CHOOSE to not live or think old!!

Yes, we fight hard to keep these changes to a minimum through exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, fashion; but, truth be told, there are still challenges throughout each new decade. We have to make a choice; submit to them or challenge the challenges. I choose to challenge the challenges and want to inspire you to do the same.

This is what Pro-Aging means to me. It’s choosing to live positively; by utilizing our acquired knowledge, wisdom, sense of liberation, to expand our horizons and soar.

Look at me.. I’m on Instagram and enjoying every moment…meeting all of you, building a community, while sharing ideas, inspiration, stories and encouragement.


If I could tell you just one thing…

It would be to uplift and encourage another to be the best that they can be…even if it simply means listening to her…step up and be present…it may help more than you realize.

“The Tough Stuff: Closing Comments from Meri”

Something that I’m finding interesting is the need to manage my days and my daily activities. By that I mean, I can’t fill up my days with one thing after the other. I need to break it up throughout the day…if there’s too much, I get overwhelmed.

So after grumbling and being hard on myself regarding this, I decided to use self-kindness and listen to my body and then schedule accordingly. What a difference this has made…both physically and mentally.

Anybody else feeling this way? Suggestions?

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