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Is it too late?
Your point of view matters.
The difference between the age-less and the age-ing, is the point at which they decide it’s ‘Too Late’.
I have taught yoga for many years, and as I have got older I have attracted an older crowd to my classes.
I survey them from time to time, and almost unanimously they say they come to yoga for their health.

I tread a fine line when I teach. The ones who are serious about their health like me to get them to do more, to take them further and discover their leading edge.
Then there are some who stop coming … because, that’s what I do to them, take them to their leading edge!

You don’t have to push to the point of pain, but you do have to work a bit. What I know is that bodies can change. I don’t mean the inevitable downward spiral of unchallenged aging; but the change that happens when one commits to the process and decides you will have ‘it’, the ‘it’ being the health potential that is yours no matter what age you are.

If you decide you are ’too old’ to do something, to start something or have a different experience of something, then you are.
It’s as simple as that. Your mindset dictates your results.
There is every possibility that you can create a stronger more flexible body, at any age, if you decide you will.

One class a week won’t do it. That’s what happens with my crowd, the ones who stop coming. They do one yoga class a week and don’t see the improvement they want, so they stop. “It’s too hard.” “I don’t have time”. Here’s the thing… it’s use it or lose it.

Movement is medicine, it can be preventative and curative.
My parents are a great example.
My dad died a couple of years ago, at age 78.
The last two years of his life he was bed bound. He took the view that if something hurt, he would rest it until it felt better.

He rested so much that eventually his muscles didn’t work. He hardly had the strength to feed himself, yet there was nothing technically wrong with his muscles, except that there were no demands made upon them.
He eschewed my offers of physical therapy because ‘ they would make him do things he didn’t want to do’.

My mother is 82 years old. She walks her dog every day for 1 to 2 hours, does all her own gardening and housework and does things like drag bags of compost from her car to her back garden, even with an arthritic knee, shoulder, neck, ngers and wrists. If I say to her let me do it, she tells me “No, I’ll do it while I can, or I won’t ever do it again and then I might as well be dead”.

You choose!
Your point of view matters, your actions and results are conditional upon your beliefs.

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Jocelyne Kelsey Leach