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My name is Bobbi Parker Hall. I run Modern Bodies Fitness on Instagram and I help women going through midlife hormonal changes to get their sexy back. I am a certified fitness and nutrition coach and have been featured on Fox, MSNBC and Oxygen magazine for being t over 55. I love sharing my knowledge and inspiring others to get and stay t past the age that we are “typically” supposed to give up. I am a masters bikini competitor and got my best body over 50. I’ll be doing another competition this spring at age 61!

You can reinvent yourself and come back stronger and better at any age, even after menopause. I know this because this happened to me. It’s not impossible to defy the odds. We can rid ourselves of those old negative self sabotaging beliefs that hold us back and tie us down.

I decided at age 54 to do something that I never thought was possible for me to do. I competed in my rst ever bikini competition and much

to my surprise, not only was my body transformed but my mind and life as well. Like many good things, this decision came out of a very dark period in my life.

Most people would agree that I am a positive upbeat person; so, I was surprised in my mid forties to wake up feeling unusually depressed. Something felt off. I had been depressed before, but this was more than just the pre period blues or sadness all of us normally experience off and on. The thoughts in my mind wandered over into that dark scary crevasse of what I recognized as ”suicidal thoughts”. For a moment I found myself asking the question “is life really worth living anymore”? Feeling hopeless and lost, I made a doctor’s appointment suspecting there may be something else going on. I was in early menopause.

On top of that, for many years I had been struggling and was unhappy in my marriage, wondering constantly if it was my fault. My ex husband was sure it was me, and he told me that I needed therapy. Daily, my marriage was a constant struggle that left me massively disappointed and drained of all my hopes and dreams.

So, when a friend asked me to compete in a bikini competition with her, my first thought was Hell no! I don’t even wear a bikini ever! But something deep inside told me that I needed to go out on a limb and do something extreme. Have you ever had that feeling, that nudge from life so strong you can almost smell it? When new doors are swinging wide open and it’s time to decide to walk through them or not? I was learning to listen to my own voice and develop my higher intuition. So I said “why not” and went forward unknowingly toward one of the biggest changes in my life.

What I found was that stepping out of my box, and squaring up to a challenge in life, really brought out the focus and discipline in me. Some people just need to be facing a ring squad in order to get anything done!

To my amazement, I realized getting stronger on the outside was transforming me on the inside. I was feeling stronger emotionally and found my confidence was increasing. After so many years of no self confidence, I was finally starting to feel like an empowered strong

woman in charge of her life and her destiny. I was doing something bigger than me and making my mark on the world and it felt good. This gave me the courage to keep following my dreams and pursuing my heart’s passions.

Not long after, I grew the lady balls to leave my toxic 30 year marriage. As sad as that time was, it brought me into a much better place in life. I love helping other women come into their own “shero super” powers. I see it time and again how getting our bodies t and healthy can help us actualize a life more in line with our heart’s desires!!


  • Over 50 and new to working out? Patience is the name of the game. You will see results if you stay consistent.
  • Examine and become aware of your mindset around aging; in particular negative statements and self talk that circles around limiting thoughts.
  • Hone your intuition by getting used to hearing, recognizing and listening to your voice. Get to know and trust you and how you think and truly feel about life’s situations.
  • Know when to leave toxic situations and relationships. Follow your fears when it comes to self-growth. There could be a whole new exciting life on the other side of that fear!

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Bobbi Parker Hall