Sarah Sian is the founder of an online Beauty Community that is pro-age, pro-beauty and pro-women supporting women. Website: Instagram: @thebeautyagenteurs

I have 18 years of experience as a writer, editor and brand consultant across beauty, fashion and retail.

I am so lucky to have worked with some amazing brands including Debenhams, L’Oreal, BY TERRY, Perricone and Harrods, to name just a few.

After seeing a rise in ageism, bullying and mental health issues on social media, at work and in relationships, I wanted to create a fun, kind and friendly online space; the goal being to help those affected so that they can start to feel beauty confident again regardless of age, race and gender.

I actually had my own brush with ageism in September 2019 after working as a Beauty Editor for 18 years. The team was getting younger, which I adapted to in a positive way saying “things never stay the same and I accept this” but something wasn’t feeling right. I was excluded from meetings, the team wasn’t talking to me much, etc.etc. It was only a matter of time before they literally shoved me out of the company claiming ‘redundancy’. It was like going through a horrible divorce; having 18 years of amazing times, then a few awful years solely because of my age. I was up and down for weeks, some days I couldn’t get out of bed. Then one day, I decided to turn this awful experience into something positive; so I set up this new and exciting ‘blog-comm’ dedicated to empowering women, especially women who feel they have become invisible after a certain age.

It’s a place that recognizes you…the busy mums on-the-go, entrepreneurs who run successful businesses, nurses who work tirelessly to look after others, visionaries who have fought to keep their ideas alive and single parents who juggle all aspects of life no matter what is thrown at them.

So, instead of feeling invisible after thirtysomething, let’s be visible again with the help of each other. Start wearing glitter eyeshadow, carry off a bold lip and go heavy with the eyeliner…just wear it with confidence. After all, the beauty of beauty is that there are no rules. Beauty is fun; so let’s all be kind and come together through our love of beauty to inspire, encourage and form beautiful new friendships along the way.

let's be visible again by sarah sien

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