Why Pro Aging Changed my Life and Can Change Yours Too




by Editorial




Why Pro Aging Changed my Life and Can Change Yours Too

By Editorial


Have you ever wondered why an older woman with prominent laugh lines, a probable result of her joy for life, can look a decade younger than her best friend of the same age? The decisive benefit of pro-aging thinking is not found in an expensive moisturizer or multiple visits to the doctor’s office, although our society markets those options as remedies to the natural aging process. Instead, it is found in our perception of aging and how positive, life-fulfilling thinking impacts our overall health. When we smile, it is more than an outward expression—it is a reflection of how “well” we feel about ourselves inside that explains our vitality and honesty outside. But what does honesty have to do with aging? Everything because when we are honest with ourselves, our body, mind, and spirit react with a healthy attitude that transforms our vision of aging from anti and defying to pro and admiring.

So how do we start? With a set of age-embracing steps that manifest the definition of pro-aging—“the idea that no one age is better than another; and that we age on a continuum with each year bringing a new perspective and learning.” And most importantly, to be satisfied with our age! Think about it. Not everyone gets the gift of aging; in other words, you’re here now with the opportunity to accept and forgive and to create and control how you age.

I like to begin each day by reminding myself that age is not a place I should be in life, a youthful version of myself, or a number representing my years on Earth. Quite the opposite, I hope self-expression and empowerment radiate my celebration of aging.

Below are the steps that helped me recognize that how I feel is far more important than how I look, and yet, when I feel great, I look even better. When I don’t mask my actual age, it’s why I can quickly blurt it out when asked. (BTW, I’m 64).

— Set an intention. Become aware of your limiting beliefs, address them, and then ask them to leave. Fill that space with optimism about your essence and energy.

— What do you say to yourself? About your age, appearance, well-being, etc. Your thoughts, words, and actions create your life. Take care of your inner critic by keeping track in a journal of those thoughts, then take action and commit to a new voice.

— Extend kindness and lovingness to yourself and others. When you don’t forgive yourself, you don’t take care of yourself, which ages you! Release toxic emotions inside. There’s a reason why anger and resentment cause frown lines!

— Say goodbye to jealousy and envy, and willingly become part of someone else’s success. When you expect good things for yourself and others, watch and feel the life force and excitement that suddenly become part of your beautiful complexion (and digestion).

— Give up your secrets. Bearing them alone ages you. Share your story. Go from “low” to “glow.” It’s been proven that when you lighten your load, you’ll lighten your spirits, which translates to a boosted immune system and healthier life.

— Age is just two numerals sitting side-by-side and does not represent your life experience, wisdom, and wonder. Be courageous and be the first to acknowledge your age. No one will run… in fact, they’ll be more likely to be magnetized by your honesty and ownership.

— The almighty body image. Right this second, stand before a mirror and see and say what you love about your body. Indulge in identifying its imperfections and rejoice in realizing your body is a miracle that will continue to perform if you respect and support it with self-love.

— The new wealth is health. Take care of yourself first. This is non-negotiable. Make nutrition, hydration, meditation, exercise, and sleep essential to your pro-aging program. Those who practice don’t need to preach. It’s written all over their faces.

— As poet Mary Oliver asked, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do you with your one wild and precious life?” Our brains are powerful and listen to what we say over and over. Pro-aging involves reframing our thoughts, so that authenticity, self-regulation, and habits become the centerpiece in wellness’s dynamic, fluctuating process. Forty percent of our everyday behavior is repeated in our habits, and patterns are essential to our wellness, influencing our health and quality of life. Imagine the possibilities of your life’s second, third, and even fourth chapters.

Pro-aging is aging greatly. Expect greatness for yourself and seek it out in others.

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