Kaz Akers was first published as a writer at the age of 14 in a teen magazine. She spent 35 years in the entertainment industry both as a performer and as a producer, writer and director for stage and television. To keep her sanity in the entertainment industry she began studying meditation in 1991. She loved it so much, and it helped her so much, she decided to become an instructor. She has been an instructor for over 25 years. She’s also a level three Qigong instructor (Qigong is the mother of Tai Chi and a moving meditation). She has written television series, produced plays, produced music, written books, published poetry, and articles for publications. Her passion is Pro-aging.

I’m writing from a borrowed PC somewhere between Barking Sands and Kalaheo, Hawaii.




Early this morning a cup of coffee (not mine, I drink tea) was accidentally catapulted onto my MacBook Air.

I got the kiss of death on the computer screen: a white folder with a black question mark in it.

What does that mean?

Au revoir, MacBook Air.

After it was dried out with a hair dryer It turned on for moment.


Zip. Zilch. Nada.

To say I’m frustrated because most of the last 15 years of my professional and personal life was on that computer, is an understatement. I hadn’t backed it up to an external hard drive for over a year. I wasn’t using the laptop much, except to cross reference information with my desktop and occasionally write while on the road.

So MY BAD for not backing it up with a vengeance every week.

There are no Apple stores for many, many miles from where I’m staying. That store is on another island…a plane ride away.

My trip was purposefully off the beaten trail. So far off that there is no village for miles.

First and foremost, hindsight is better than no sight at all. I acknowledge that my laptop was not synced with my desktop like my iPhone and iPad. I can tell you THAT won’t happen again!

How I overlooked that is OPERATOR ERROR!!

Needless to say, I’m less than thrilled. I can’t be too angry because it was an accident.

Enter a good lesson for staying present and understanding that the moment you go on autopilot things like this can happen.

We go through our day often mindlessly executing tasks, allowing our minds to drift, and then BAM.

It’s essential to keep files backed up and do our best to make allowances for hiccups.

Or big, ugly burps.

No-one wants to lose precious photos of events, memories, or important documents. Let my misfortune be your forewarning. Back it up. Don’t know how? I guarantee one of your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews or the neighbor kid can give you a quick tutorial.

If all else fails: Google it. Or visit an Apple store for a FREE tutorial. There IS such a thing as a free lunch (so to speak).

Keep liquids a mile away from your computers. MOST importantly, don’t check out.

The mantra for the 1936 U. S. Olympic rowing team was: “Keep your mind in the boat”. They did it so well that they won gold!

In other words: stay present, aware and engaged.

No matter where you are in life, your age, or stage you can always improve your awareness.

And that’s Pro-aging.

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