Meri Frischman is a native New Yorker. Initially she started her career in the retail end of fashion, designing and selling children’s shoes imported from Europe. Upon turning forty and wanting to leave retail, Meri’s desire to help women live their best lives led her to getting certified as a phobia and anxiety specialist. Once again, not feeling fulfilled, she decided to pivot and follow her passion. At fifty, she became a Fitness and Wellness Professional coaching the over 50 woman at one of the leading NYC facilities where she accrued an impressive list of successful entrepreneurial clients.

As you can tell, every decade has brought something new and the 60’s are no exception. From 2017 to the present, Meri has been the Founder and CEO of The Pro-Age Woman, championing the movement of aging with positivity, curiosity and relevance. Her mission has been to dispel and eliminate those stereotypical “old rules” that exist regarding women in their later years.

Now upon entering her 70’s, Meri is in the process of taking The Pro-Age Woman to the next level. Partnering with Lana was the first step and together they have created Communications Platform where the expanding global community will have a home for sharing their individual and collective voice while exploring the exciting possibilities of life after 55.

Her words to live by, “If not now, when?”


Creative Director

Lana G. has lived and worked in New York City as a professional makeup artist, product designer, spokesperson, educator and writer for 4 decades. Born in South Africa, her career has taken her around the globe. Her expert advice and work has appeared in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Mademoiselle to name a few. Also, Project Runway, MTV, VH-1, CBS and HBO and Public Television where she worked with Steve Martin, Sting, The Metropolitan Opera and more.

She was a personal makeup artist to Paula Zahn at CNN from 9/11, Lady Tina Brown at CNBC, Elizabeth Vargas at 20/20, World News Tonight and Good Morning America and Anderson Cooper. When you look up and see a famous face, Lana has very likely worked with them. This includes four Presidents of the United States of America (41,42,43 & 44) up to and including President Obama. She developed her own cosmetics for QVC and found herself on the air talking about them. She has written and copy written for and has one book, Dear John, under her belt. Corporate clients run the gamut from American Express to Valentino.

It was time for a change. Lana has been a true champion of women throughout her career and enjoyed bringing the true beauty out in each and every woman she worked with. She now has a joint vision with Meri, where they wear many hats, collaborate and share, much like a Pro-Age Woman would. It’s an easy and joyful experience. She is so proud of the team they have assembled.


Chief Brand Officer

Celia Rao Visconti is a versatile Senior-Level Global Marketing Executive with an extensive career in brand building, digital marketing, and e- commerce. Celia has been well-known as a dynamic leader throughout her career. She has a proven track record in building global brands across high-profile companies such as Briggs & Riley Travelware, Chico’s, New York & Company, Tommy Hilfiger, and Giorgio Armani – to name a few.

She is a passionate believer in the power of brand marketing. Her greatest joy – when growing a brand – is to partner with her team members in creating a roadmap to success. Her end goal is to drive customer acquisition and ensure retention by untapping the brand’s full potential through critical insights and a little “zhuzh.”

Working with The Pro-Age Woman’s Senior team to develop this smart and thoughtful, modern communications platform rings true to Celia’s marketing-centric core. She recognizes that women 55 plus are a force to be reckoned with and is eager to get the message out of shattering age-old perceptions to as many women and men as possible. To thread in a true “Celia-ism” – she can’t help but wonder, ‘Is the juice worth the squeeze?’ To her, the Pro Age Woman certainly is, and she encourages you to feel the same.


Art Director

Tracey is a designer, specialising in branding, and layout design. She is passionate about creative storytelling and conjuring up hypnotic, personality- infused visuals with a touch of magic and nostalgia.

Creating is her true passion and purpose. It gets her up in the morning and keeps her up late into the night. Whether she is crafting a brand, illustrating words, shooting content, painting or drawing, you will always find her working on some kind of magic. When she is not busy with a client project, you will find her squeezing the absolute most out of life with her teenage son. She is in the pursuit of designing a life she loves through intentional living, conscious consideration and creating beauty. She lives for the little magical moments that evoke nostalgia.