Meri Frischman is a native New Yorker. Initially she started her career in the retail end of fashion, designing and selling children’s shoes imported from Europe. Upon turning forty and wanting to leave retail, Meri’s desire to help women live their best lives led her to getting certified as a phobia and anxiety specialist. Once again, not feeling fulfilled, she decided to pivot and follow her passion. At fifty, she became a Fitness and Wellness Professional coaching the over 50 woman at one of the leading NYC facilities where she accrued an impressive list of successful entrepreneurial clients.

As you can tell, every decade has brought something new and the 60’s are no exception. From 2017 to the present, Meri has been the Founder and CEO of The Pro-Age Woman, championing the movement of aging with positivity, curiosity and relevance. Her mission has been to dispel and eliminate those stereotypical “old rules” that exist regarding women in their later years.

Now upon entering her 70’s, Meri is in the process of taking The Pro-Age Woman to the next level. Her words to live by, “If not now, when?”