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Interview with Barbara

1. What does pro-aging mean to you?
Pro-aging is acceptance of this wonderful stage of life.

2. Firstly, what conflicting thoughts did you battle while approaching midlife and beyond?
My forties were also extremely challenging years fraught with the loss, financial challenges, leaving the business I founded, and deep emotional suffering. When looking towards fifty, I didn’t know how or where to find happiness or satisfaction, yet knew change was needed.

3. What are the positives of midlife and beyond?
I remember feeling relieved upon turning fifty. The anticipation of the number was far worse than the reality. My fiftieth birthday began with a big, beautiful, girls-only party thrown by two of my dearest friends. There were subsequent celebrations which all made me feel loved and grateful for the wonderful people in my life. Aging is inevitable, and if you can embrace all the good, beginning with gratitude, acceptance comes next. Wisdom is born from experience and is one of the greatest gifts of midlife. The ability to reflect and learn for your own benefit as well as your children and others is a wonderful feeling. Confidence comes from acceptance and wisdom. I’ve never felt this confident and fully embrace this chapter of life. I launched Perennial Project to share and uncover topics related to this time and believe we are all redefining aging by living with awareness and possibility.

4. What are the challenges?
Time and gravity

5. What strategies do you use to overcome the challenges?
I can’t change either of my biggest challenges, so acceptance and living well are the best I can do. On a daily basis I focus on positivity and possibility for my mind. For my body, I eat well and exercise as much as possible.

6. What words of wisdom would you have for the younger generations or your younger self?
Be present in every moment, don’t rush time, and don’t listen to the inner voice that said I wasn’t good enough. True confidence comes from within and no one else will give it yo you.

7. How important are your female friends and why?
My friends are my chosen family. I value and respect each of them for their intelligence and talent. They fill me with love and support which, at times, has carried me through darkness.

8. What attributes would you want in a romantic partner?
I love this one as I happened to create a list awhile back for a future post! The ability to be supportive, non-judgmental, exude confidence, feel comfortable in any situation, command attention and respect, be funny, witty, dream, share, and love unconditionally

9. What do you find most fulfilling at this stage of life?
Working towards a goal, I’ve always been at my best when driven by passion.

10. What fears do you have and what do you do to move past them?
I’m terrified of failing health which is why I try to take good care of myself physically and emotionally.

11. Style is a reflection of who you are. What style reflects you?
Edgy, classic, sophisticated, quirky

12. What place does nutrition, fitness and wellness have in your life? What do these look like for you?
I’ve recently placed nutrition, fitness, and wellness in the same category as family and friends. You can’t live well if you don’t feel well. After feeling fatigued for years, I finally went to a doctor who changed my diet and put me on supplements to address deficiencies. Taking an active role in remaining healthy is incredibly empowering.

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