Helen Fritsch Pro-Ago Chic Spotlight

Meet Helen @helenfritsch_ifbbpro

1. What Does Pro-Aging Mean to Me?
Pro-aging, to me, means accepting and looking forward to the aging process. It’s just not about slathering expensive facial creams on your face to try and hide your age anymore. It’s about embracing the concept of growing older and aging gracefully. Its about living a healthy lifestyle and feeling comfortable in my own skin. It’s about celebrating the life that I’ve lived and not be self conscious about it. It’s about being proud of my age and shouting it to the world instead of hiding it! I’m definitely a “pro-ager!” Honestly, I have never had ANY conflicting thoughts approaching milestone birthdays, midlife and beyond! Why waste that time and effort? It’s life. I had big blowout parties at 30,40,50 and 60. I was excited anticipating the new decade ahead. Maybe that’s weird but my ”Eyes always forward” approach has helped me embrace my age throughout my life.

2. What are the positive aspects of mid-life and beyond?
Positives of midlife and beyond? Wisdom, wisdom and more wisdom! Life’s experiences “season” us! I’m wiser, more confident, more worldly, less reactive, more accepting and happier than I’ve ever been!

3. What are the challenges?
What are my challenges? Too many people become stagnant as they age. That, and a poor diet can lead to health complications and a sedimentary lifestyle. I challenge myself to stay active, eat healthy, stay positive and continue to be a work in progress. How do I overcome these challenges? When faced with a crisis, challenge, detour or bump in the road, many people get overwhelmed with “ big picture”. I’ve done this myself. That sense of despair can be crippling! I’ve learned to break down the issue at hand and tackle one component at a time, one day at a time. I feel that I have more control over the solution and the outcome versus getting too overwhelmed at the big picture and giving up or failing.

4. What words of wisdom do I have?
Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up! Don’t be in a hurry to get married. Don’t let other people/friends influence your likes, hobbies, desires, dreams. Don’t spread gossip( it’s none of your business!) Be open and receptive to the Universe and what it’s offering you. Be open and receptive to try new things, go to new places, meet new people. Accept the aging process and be proactive in eating healthy and staying physically active.

5. How important are my female friends and why?
I surround myself with like minded people. My female friends are important to me because they are my support group, my sounding board, my fun outlet, my advice column. They’re there to cheer me on, they catch me when I fall and they call me out if I get out of line. It’s a sisterhood. I love them so much!

6. What attributes do I want in a romantic partner?
I look for a man to take charge but not be controlling. Strong mentally and physically. Athletic. Honest. Adventurous. Ambitious. Funny. Treats his mother well!

7. What do I find the most fulfilling at this stage of life?
Being at peace with who I am in my 60’s. All the pain, heartache and tragedy in my life has made me who I am today. I wouldn’t go back and change a thing! I totally embrace my age and all it represents! I’m here to defy the odds, rebrand the terms “over the hill” and “ old age” and help other women realize their potential after 40,50, 60 and beyond. Being set out to pasture is not an option anymore! Age truly is irrelevant!

8. What fears do I have, and what do I do to move past these fears?
I was diagnosed with CLL( Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) 4 years ago. When anyone gets the “C” diagnosis it’s fearful and shocking. You’re in denial and disbelief. I was and still am bound and determined to fight this cancer and live my best life. I’m waaaay too young to die. I have so much more to do in my life and on this earth. Being proactive, having a positive mindset, eating healthy, exercising, acupuncture and homeopathic care have helped me keep this cancer at bay!

9. Style is a reflection of who I am. What style reflects me?
I love fashion and am a self proclaimed clothes horse! I work hard in the gym and want to wear clothing that compliments my figure. I love a classic look but also love modern styles keeping an eye on trends. I’m at the gym almost everyday also so gym clothes are bountiful in my closet! Haha. If I have it I’ll flaunt it BUT I always dress with an “age appropriate” attitude. Never offensive.

10. What place does fitness, wellness, and nutrition have in my life?
Fitness, nutrition and wellness are a top priority in my life! When my body functions well then I function well! I look better now than I ever have and I’m in the best shape of my life! I continuously strive to stay on track mentally, physically and emotionally. I consistently eat a clean diet, train 4-6 days in the gym, get monthly massages, chiropractic care and acupuncture treatments. I also see a homeopathic doctor once a month. Functional medicine has made a dramatic difference in my life and I can’t imagine life without it at this point. written a book called, “Baby, I’m the Boss of Me, Embracing the Power and Joy of Getting Older.” In it, through stories and essays, I write about how I feel about getting older.

It’s an on-going journey, but for me, every year gets better. I think the biggest reason is that as I get older I am able to maintain a positive attitude through so many issues that would have de-railed me in the past. I’m able to maintain my equilibrium because I have more and more practice. I now know, having gone through so many difficult (and wonderful) things, there is always a solution. There is always getting to the other side.

By now I know that anger, frustration and fear are not solutions. I understand the power of stepping back and letting someone else take charge. I embrace being left alone. And I maintain my health and physical fitness with the diligence I used to use raising my children!

And finally, and I think the most important, I protect my sense of humor. I laugh. I smile in the mirror at myself every morning so my brain can see what a smile looks like. So my whole being can feel what smiling feels like! I feel negative energy dissipate when I do this simple thing.

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May 25, 2020

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