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Pro Aging – I feel as we get older we realize more about just going with the flow. Not getting lazy but being more acceptable to things we may have judged more harshly when younger. We should also carry on that same concept with aging. Take it as it comes and accept it. Envelope your new age and enjoy all you can.

Positive aspects of midlife-Mine are really looking forward to reaping some of the benefits of working extremely hard for 40 plus years and still doing it. I’ve contributed I’ve almost reached my goals and the positive about it is hopefully to enjoy.

Challenges – For me it is to attain as much of a limber body as I age and to also challenge my mind and keep it sharp. The more I challenge my mind and body, the less I have to depend on medicine. Nothing good is free or easy, except God.

Strategy for challenges – for me it is personal. I look at my mind and body outside of myself as if I’m a different person. When it says you can’t do that, whether it is a physical or mental challenge , I look at myself and say , “Yes you can”. Maybe not great the first time but I will continue. If you tell me I can’t do something, I will prove you wrong. Start slow and keep getting it.

Words of wisdom- Compassion compassion compassion. Seems the 30 to 40 something kids are losing that. They are losing the caring and just plain courtesy to people they don’t know. I have always said, it cost nothing to be nice and that means everyone, even strangers you pass on the street or when you’re jogging or just walking, look up at strangers and smile. Reach beyond your comfort level of people you know and be kind to strangers.

Female friends- First of all my female friends are almost as important as my children. They have seen me through a lot of challenges and helped me through a lot of hurt. I truly think of them as family that we all support each other with every day life.

Attributes for partner. At my age honesty and character integrity is the most important. But I truly look for that in everyone. Looks are truly not as important as I get older, but more importantly to bond with someone’s heart and soul is far more important to me.

Health Issues. Not really. I try to challenge my body everyday. Sometimes I hurt it by putting too much of something I shouldn’t into it but physically I feel that you feel better with your mind if you know you are challenging your body as it ages.

Sex after midlife. Hmmmm. Well I was in a dysfunctional marriage that took many years to get a divorce. I kind of put that out of my mind although I did think of it a lot. Now that that is all behind me, I am truly looking forward to a whole new sexual adventure. I think as you age, you are more relaxed, the enjoyment is far more greater than it was when you were younger. In my mind I’m still 32 so I will always enjoy it.

Enjoyment stage of life – at this stage of my life, I think we are more relaxed and feel like we have less to prove. The pressure is off. I still value the opinions of others but I’m more apt to express my opinion as well.

Fears – I only have fears on things I ant control. Therefore I try to stay away from those situations. I have always been a control freak of anything that reflects on me.

Style – Bold bright classy.

Nutrition- All three have a ver important part in my overall well being. The old saying , we are what we eat goes a long way. I am a firm believer in yoga and stretching as we get older. It is something we can do at our own pace anywhere all day.

Kimberly Pro-Age Chic
Kimberly Pro-Age Chic
Kimberly Pro-Age Chic
Kimberly Pro-Age Chic