Meet Lana

Beauty, Champion of Women

Lana G. is an internationally known makeup artist, product developer, educator and writer. As a well-known beauty expert, her work and advice have appeared in leading fashion magazines, such as Brides, Modern Bride, Bridal Guide, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Mademoiselle and Vogue. She has also worked for Project Runway, MTV, VH-1, CBS and HBO. When you look up and see a famous face, Lana has very likely worked with them.

This includes the past four Presidents of the United States of America including President Obama. Even Anderson Cooper requested her to be his makeup artist on his daytime talk show, Anderson Live.

She has also been a spokesperson and product designer/developer for her cosmetic products on QVC and has written for Her corporate clients have included American Express, Avon, Bloomingdales, Cannon, Colgate Palmolive, Dermablend Cosmetics, Kiehl’s Cosmetics, Escada Beaute’, Kodak, Salon Selectives, Simon & Schuster, Swarovski, and Valentino.

Her specialty is timeless, flawless makeup. “It’s about making you stand out, not your makeup”. Lana’s talent, charm, energy and beguiling voice, will make you feel gorgeous inside and out and is sure to put you at ease. 


Lana Gersman

Interview with Lana

1. What does pro-aging mean to you?
Pro-Age means “For Age” as opposed to “Anti-age” which basically is saying AGAINST aging. I bet a man made up the term “anti-age”.

2. Firstly, what conflicting thoughts did you battle while approaching midlife and beyond?
It was shocking to see how people changed their reactions towards me. I was out with a friend who was fifteen years younger than I, and throughout the evening I was asked if she was my daughter; which tells me most people make assumptions. The transition to forty and then fifty was no big deal; but, around mid sixties, I noticed that most of the people my age acted like they were ancient and it was not a world I was ready for. It still isn’t. As a result most of my friends are twenty years younger than me.

3. What are the positives of midlife and beyond?
It’s easy to say what you mean because you know who you are.

4. What are the challenges?
The short-sightedness of folks taking you at face value. It’s not easy making friends or being seen because the future doesn’t open up in every direction anymore.

5. What strategies do you use to overcome the challenges?
I have a curious mind that keeps me going and interested in the world around me. So I am very seldom lonely.

6. What words of wisdom would you have for the younger generations or your younger self?
Value where you are right here right now. Age is not a given, it’s a privilege. Keep yourself relevant by feeding your mind and curiosity.

7. How important are your female friends and why?
They’re generally more interesting than most men because they’re constantly curious and trying to improve their lives. So very important.

8. What attributes would you want in a romantic partner?
Funny, curious, generous, worldly, sophisticated. I love the idea of discovering someone slowly instead of having to throw out facts about myself. So I guess you could say I’m looking for someone I don’t feel I’ll come to the end of.

9. What do you find most fulfilling at this stage of life?
Not feeling the need to answer to anyone or explain myself.

10. What fears do you have and what do you do to move past them?
The fear of something happening to me with no one being aware that I’m around. Twice I got really ill and because I live alone, there was no one who knew what I was going through.

To move past those fears, I have learned to change my focus and get out of my head. I accomplish this through my spiritual practice by reverting my attention to something outside of myself; such as, a tree or a bird which switches me back to the present.

11. Style is a reflection of who you are. What style reflects you?
I love Indian shirts and fitted pants. Rich gorgeous fabrics on the top, simple black fitted pants on the bottom. Style is innate. Either you have it or you don’t. I have it.

12. What place does nutrition, fitness and wellness have in your life? What do these look like for you?

I don’t eat meat; but I do eat lots of fruits and veggies, nuts and legumes and find this way of eating incredibly satisfying.
I’m not a foodie and I enjoy very natural things.
I walk along the ocean for 90 minutes a day. It’s relaxing and meditative.