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Interview with Penny

What does pro-aging mean to you?
Pro-aging to me is genuinely embracing aging and every year that goes by.

Embracing the wrinkles and creases too, I mean really actually loving them! I love seeing them in myself and other women… it’s precious in a way.

At almost 56 I now perceive things differently. I no longer look back on what I have lost in terms of youthfulness, instead looking forward with positive anticipation and I can say that this transformation in my outlook is a newfound pro-aging mindset! It is liberating.

I am motivated by the thought of being able to help create a positive attitude towards aging… where I can… in any small way. Instagram is a terrific platform for this and it has been a way to actively participate in sharing a pro-aging message.

More importantly I am constantly inspired by fabulous women boldly and confidently showing us how they do midlife and beyond in their own unique ways.

Oh and how good is it for younger women to see that aging can be something to look forward to with the benefit of being able to observe those wonderful women paving the way to being VIBRANT, VITAL, VALID, VALUED and VISIBLE!

What are the positive aspects of midlife?
-Developing true self confidence.

-Not being concerned with what others think.

-Always evolving and being OK with change.

-Embracing newfound freedom after being a devoted parent! Knowing I’ve performed that role well, I can relax and enjoy watching my now adult daughters embrace their own lives. This is super cool.

-Enjoying my relationship with my husband in these changing circumstances.

-Planning the future.

-Appreciating family and friendship connections.

-Creating new friendships.

-The freedom to follow my passions wholeheartedly.

-Having the chance to pursue creative endeavours after putting them on hold for so long.

-Having the confidence to embrace the opportunity to be involved in mature-age modelling… all for furthering an age positive culture!

Style is a reflection of who you are. What style reflects you?
This question made me really analyse my fashion choices!! So this is what I came up with:

1. I wear a lot of trend-driven casual chic (that’s the ‘practical/casual/work-wear’ me)

2. I feel really comfortable in edgy classic elegant looks with strong lines, which is why I started following you gorgeous Meri (that’s the ‘model’ me).

3. Plus I have always had a thing for a bit of boho (that’s the ‘down-to-earth, loving, genuine’ me).

4. And I love a bit of rock chick (that’s the ‘guitarist’s wife, music/band-lover’ me).

But ultimately I’m drawn to different styles depending on mood and occasion, no rules!

What place does nutrition, fitness and wellness have in your life?
Nutrition, fitness and wellness are so important! Here’s how I feel…

*Love yourself enough to eat healthy and nutritious foods 90% of the time!

*Love yourself enough to keep active now so that you will feel youthful and energetic in later years.

*Be mindful and spiritual; make gratefulness part of who you are…every day. Keep peacefulness and love in your heart always… it shows and you become a positive influence on others.

Penny Pro-age Chic
Penny Pro-age Chic
Penny Pro-age Chic
Penny Pro-age Chic
Penny Pro-age Chic
Penny Pro-age Chic
Penny Pro-age Chic
Penny Pro-age Chic