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“ProAging” is such a great term that this community has decided to run with! I’ve never been a big fan of “anti-aging” because, to me, that means we are against aging…well, if you stop aging, you die, right? I want to improve every day, continue growing, learning, loving, pursuing! I have no plans of stopping!

I honestly think I am a bit of an anomaly because living agelessly has been something I have done since graduating college! From friendships, jobs, pursuits. Age was never an issue. Today, I think I have as many friends 20 years younger than myself as I do 20 years older! Perhaps it’s because of the industries I’ve been involved with (fashion, wellness, entertainment), where all ages are very active and I’m surrounded by so much energy. Age is also not something people really discuss. In entertainment, perhaps it is more controversial, as you have your “working” age! Many find that insulting and challenge it, but I just never saw it as that. It’s a mindset. If age is a social challenge to you, it’s going to be a battle you’re never going to win. And if you can’t win it there, how are you going to win it internally?

From a social standpoint, my biggest challenge has been dealing with those who have an “old” mindset and have no intentions on changing but find it threatening when others are working to make that change or not follow in the patterns of yesteryear, and try to deter you. I find it sad and almost toxic, honestly. I try to live drama-free, so I tend to hang out with positive people who have a similar mindset.

There are so many pros to aging! First, you’re still breathing!! 🤗 In my 20s and even 30s, I felt I had to prove myself to the world. I had to work harder, be smarter, stay one step ahead. Now, in my 50s, I can truly sit back and say, “been there, done that!” I feel we have a wisdom that only comes from living through those times. I can look at what others are doing and not stress over it because I get it and I know how to get around it, for the most part! I can relax and be more at peace with myself. Cons? Other than cosmetically, I haven’t really found any…yet!

The biggest piece of advice I could give someone younger, is follow your instinct…no matter what. Even if the rest of the world is going in a different direction, listen deep inside and don’t veer from what you feel is right. That, and of course, wear sunblock!!! 😎

Throughout my life, I’ve always had “my person.” Sometimes a girlfriend and sometimes a male friend. I guess I looked at gender the same way I looked at age. It’s about chemistry and trust. I was always a very ambitious “girly-girl”, many women didn’t know how to deal with me, and even told me that on several occasions! I chose the path of not having children, so that was another area that I didn’t have in common with most. Now, however, kids are grown and ambitions aren’t a driving force, so I’m finding more in common with other women and developing more of a sisterhood. I have to admit, it’s really nice! We’re, for the most part, in the same place and looking forward to future endeavors and making changes. There’s empowerment there and I’m looking forward to growing more relationships.

I went through a horrible first marriage (because I didn’t follow my instinct and listened to others), which turned into a bit of Jeckyl and Hyde situation immediately after the wedding. It was a long ordeal which left me with many walls and no desire to let anyone in for a long time. So for me, trust is the pinnacle of a relationship. My husband now, Louis, and I had developed into best friends for four years before we ever had our first date. Those walls fell when I came to a place where I knew I could trust him completely! He knows me and loves me for who I am, and in that, I am happiest in his arms. It’s my safe place! After trust, we make each other laugh and love adventuring together! He’s as much a kid at heart as I am!

Style is a big part of my life, especially since I was in the industry for so long. I love a soft, chic look. I lived in Florida for 30 years, so resort-wear was my daily go-to! Now I’m back and forth between FL and the mountains of NC and having to adapt my closet to include more boots and sweaters! Even still, I want it to be an expression of who I am. I like color, but you’ll often find me in white or variations there-of. I find it soft, beautiful and reflects light so nicely…almost like walking around with a ring-light! Athleisure wear is big for me, as I stay pretty active, esp in the mountains.

Wellness ~ fitness, nutrition is so very important to me. My ultimate goal is to be healthy til the day I die…and hopefully to extend that out to 120! There’s so much research out there about the role nutrition and fitness plays in our health, including our brain! I want to live agelessly, which means I have to be responsible for this body and take care of it. I can’t sit back and eat french fries and milkshakes all day long and expect to live healthy til I’m 120. I want to be that 100 year old out there hiking, climbing trees and then throwing on that sexy designer dress for a night out! Our body was designed to be healthy and to take care of itself, but it can’t do that if we don’t give it the proper tools. My eating habits are mainly plant based, but I do eat some meat, mainly chicken and I love seafood! I’m a spirulina girl, and have included that in my diet since my 30s. I think it’s a game-changer! Every body on this planet has different needs so I don’t believe in a one diet fits all mentality. Every day is even different with what the body needs. Some days the body needs to cleanse, let it. Some days the body is building more tissue and you may find yourself hungrier. Feed it. I love listening to my body and letting it tell me what it needs. I’m also very interested in nutrients that help strengthen telomeres. Again, so much research is being put into longevity. This is an amazing time to be alive!

Overall, I believe aging in today’s time, is exciting and new. I believe we have a responsibility to our body’s, to our family, and to younger (even older) generations who are watching how we navigate this time. It’s one thing for me to tout that I’m ageless, it’s another thing to live it out. I celebrate my 53 years of life, it’s truly a gift, but I won’t look at that number and allow it to dictate what I can and cannot do. I live my life the same way today as I did 20 years ago (minus the stress!!) and as I hope to 20 years from now!”

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