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Interview with Sheena

1. What does pro-aging mean to you?
To me pro-ageing is about not being defined by a number. It is about celebrating who we are without the boundaries of age.

2. What are the positive aspects of midlife and beyond?
I think if you stop and listen it is a great time to really consider what you want from life in the future. With experience comes power and an opportunity to make changes based on what you have learnt. It is an incredibly enlightening period of life.

3. What are the challenges?
Honestly, it is hard not to be challenged by the physical changes that come with age but with each birthday I am grateful for being a year older.

4. What strategies do you use to overcome the challenges?
For me staying fit and healthy is my main goal. Without health what do we have? Along with this I keep abreast of fashion, makeup, music, technology and pop-culture. Above all I continue to feed my insatiable curiosity.

5. What words of wisdom would you have for the younger generations or your younger self?
For the younger generations I would say work hard and you will be rewarded. Look after that beautiful young skin by wearing sunscreen everyday. Be kind. Love this planet. ……To my younger self I would say….Learn French fluently. My only regret!

6. How important are your female friends and why?
I adore my close girlfriends for the sheer amount of chatter and sharing. The positivity and support. Kindness and love. What attributes would you want in a romantic partner? I’ve been married for 23yrs and incredibly each year still gets better. My husband is wonderfully romantic, kind, strong, funny, caring, loving, charming, smart and generous. He is everything to me and I am everything to him.

7. Do you have persistent health issues post menopause?
Fortunately menopause was a breeze for me though like everyone, there are lingering effects that are part of aging.

8. Thoughts regarding sex after midlife?
An excellent question and my thoughts are YES PLEASE! I was chatting to a girlfriend about this the other day…as you do!! For me there is no lack of thinking about it. Making the time is another thing. Sex just seems to slip down the list with other supposed priorities taking its place like a great nights sleep or early morning gym session.

9. What do you find most fulfilling at this stage of life?
Having the time to explore my creative passions without the exhaustion of being on a corporate treadmill.

10. What fears do you have and what do you do to move past your fears?
My only fear is of losing my husband. He had a couple of bad health scares so this experience puts value on every precious moment we have together. We live everyday to the fullest. We laugh, cuddle, hold-hands and love each other with every fibre of our souls.

11. Style is a reflection of who you are. What style reflects you?
I am mercurial with my style and so it is not a reflection of my nature which is very steady. I am a fashion lover and have a huge appreciation of different styles. I could not bear to be boxed into a particular style.

12. What place does nutrition, fitness and wellness have in your life?
A huge part. You will not age well without making nutrition and fitness a serious part of your life. Wellness should be cherished.”

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