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Interview with Sonja

Today, I’m highlighting her in my Pro-Age Spotlight. Her wonderful energy pops off the page.

A short history about me. I grew up in Holland and the UK, but relocated to Sydney in 2005. My husband is Australian and we have two beautiful sons, I became an Australian citizen five years ago. In London I worked as a flight attendant for over a decade and studied at the Steiner College where I have successfully completed the CIBTAC Diploma. In 2006 I worked as a Beauty and Massage Therapist. Since 2013 I have been a support worker and in 2018 I became part of the Silverfox Management Group as a mature fashion and beauty model (Australia’s first agency exclusively representing top models over 30 in Australia and New Zealand).

On Positive Aging:
Life is about constant change, growing and evolving.

Rather than seeing aging as a negative process we can make aging exciting and wonderful. We should see the aging process as a positive and understand it’s a privilege. This is something I would love to pass on, support and make people aware off.

For me the most important things to enjoy life and the aging process is looking after yourself, get out, enjoy your passion, set goals and surround yourself with people and the things you love.

I have learned, not to care too much of what others might think of the choices and decisions I make.

Being 48 years of age I’ve come across some challenges that life brings, but when I stay physically active, challenge myself and my way of thinking, surround myself with people and things I love, seek opportunities and ( have learned ) not to sweat the small stuff, I feel positive and good about myself.

I say “NOW IS THE TIME!” Let’s enjoy our aging process and make the most of the life we have been given whilst we can.

Conflicting thoughts while approaching midlife:
· Do I accept and embrace my age and be proud of the person I have become?

· Will I let myself fall in the trap of wanting to stay young forever?

· Shall I let myself go and give up on my dreams, because I feel too old and lack self-confidence or do I give it my all, enjoy life as much as I can, take opportunities coming my way and be proud of whom I am right now and in the future?

· That’s a YES!

By all means there are moments that I very much dislike my fine lines, now evolving into deeper more permanent ones, and my physic isn’t as flexible or toned as it used to be.

Positives of midlife and beyond:
· I have become so much wiser as a person, which helps me to live life to the fullest.

· Being confident and feeling stronger mentally and physically.

· Making better and more educated choices and decisions in life, as we never stop learning and growing.

· Appreciating the life I’ve been given and enjoying it with more awareness and gratitude.

· Not sweating the small stuff.

· Realizing that you are never too old to start something new. Dream, set goals and take action.

Challenges pro-aging:
At the moment, at the age of 48, my two challenges are the menopause and accepting that our cell metabolism slows down, which of course effects the function of all our body systems.

Strategies to overcome the challenges:
· Being aware and seeing all the wonderful things that come with age.

· Promote positive aging with others.

· Have time to myself.

· Staying fit and healthy by exercise and getting out in nature.

· Being able to speak with friends and loved once, sharing our thoughts is a wonderful way (for me) to help overcome challenges and if necessary to see someone professional like our GP.

Words of wisdom for the younger generation:
· Do what you love to do.

· Find a passion (your passion).

· Don’t let others stop you in your tracks but be wise about your choices.

· There is always another day to start again.

· Don’t give up but find other ways to reach your goal.

· Be flexible and open to change.

· When life is challenging and you can use a little help, ask for it.

· Learn to follow your intuition.

· Know you are never too old to follow your dreams or start something new – reach for the stars.

What style reflects you?
I would say that my style can change daily, depending a lot on how I feel on the day. Therefore my style is a mixture of colourful fabrics, comfort and elegance with a touch of cheeky (at the moment).

Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness:
Nutrition, fitness and wellness is a very important part in my life and should be in everyone’s life, if you like to live your life, feeling and looking good. It really is essential to look after our self as best we can, to stay mentally, emotionally and physically healthy so we can enjoy life to the fullest.”

Sonja Parker Pro-Age Chic
Sonja Parker Pro-Age Chic
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Sonja Parker Pro-Age Chic