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1. What does pro-aging mean to you?
Pro-aging to me means that I will continue to add a number to my age every year but I will always stay positive, happy and excited for the years to come!

2. What are the positive aspects of midlife and beyond?
The most positive aspects truly are that you see not only yourself growing but also, people around you. I love to see my children grow up and I enjoy seeing the ever-changing trends of this world. It is funny because one day I am learning something new with technology and the next day there is a new thing! Can’t keep up! However, in life truly it’s all about growth. It is beautiful to see things around you grow.

3. What are the challenges?
The major challenge is that we are all liars in this life haha! As much as I continue to say “Getting old it’s great!” yes it is! BUT at the same time there are challenges of course! My eyesight is getting worse, I forget things much easier, somehow my English is getting worse even though I’ve lived in America for 30+ years. These are challenges; but in life there are always challenges. I had challenges when I was 8 years old, 16 years old, 21 years old, in my 30s, 40s…it will continue! It is about how you tackle your challenges and the attitude you put towards these obstacles.

4. What strategies do you use to overcome the challenges?
POSITIVITY. It is not easy to always stay positive but that is how I like to live my life. Also, no regrets! I like to take each day as it comes and not focus on the past or even the future too much!

5. What words of wisdom would you have for the younger generations or your younger self?
Do not complain! As we get older more of our friends and family get sick or hurt and for those of us who are breathing today JUST ENJOY IT. Love this beautiful life and don’t take it for granted.

6. Do you have persistent health issues post menopause?
Luckily no! But I feel like my white hairs are definitely turning into warriors!!! They used to be hesitant now they are very bold!

7. What do you find most fulfilling at this stage of life?
I feel accomplished looking at my family – especially my three beautiful daughters and their families. They are so smart and they are each so different from one another. Sometimes I pinch myself when I look at them thinking, “Did I really do that??” I remember when coming to America I always had in my mind that I would love to provide an education for my children and we accomplished it. Looking at this in my current stage of life brings me a lot of happiness.

8. What fears do you have and what do you do to move past your fears?
My biggest fear is that I will get sick. I am hoping for a long, healthy life. In order to move past that fear I just live my life every day the way I always have – full and happy.

9. Style is a reflection of who you are. What style reflects you?
I love to mix and match colors. I really get bored of just black or white or grey. I like to try bold colors and put things together that maybe normally you wouldn’t think to mix. I like bold prints and I love to wear high platform shoes!

10. What place does nutrition, fitness and wellness have in your life?
Up until about 8 years ago I wasn’t into fitness. However, as I saw my friends and family become diagnosed with lots of health disease I decided to make a change. I used to have a personal trainer who changed my outlook on fitness (she is incredible!) but my busy schedule got in the way so unfortunately I am not going to the gym anymore. Instead I have recently discovered Orangetheory and I love it! I also go to Pure Barre here and there – “TUCK IT” haha if you have been you know what I am talking about!

Yong Pro-Age Chic
Yong Pro-Age Chic
Yong Pro-Age Chic
Yong Pro-Age Chic
Yong Pro-Age Chic