Candy Costas

Candy Costas

Meet Candy Costas

Beauty, Fashion, Health and Well-Being, Champion of Women

Co-owner and manager of a private pay nursing company that spans four states; Author of ‘Ginger-Bred’, a lifestyle/fashion blog; devoted wife, mother, and “Gigi” to two grandchildren.


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Interview with Candy

1. Firstly, what conflicting thoughts did you battle while approaching midlife and beyond? My mother – “Ginger” – always said that life went downhill after 50, and always believed that a woman should act and dress “her age”.  Much to the contrary, I enjoy life more and more with every passing year and at 62 have never been happier. I act and dress however it pleases me – not saying I always get it right, but what I do or wear is not directed by my age.

2. What are the positives of midlife and beyond? First and foremost: confidence!  By midlife you have likely figured yourself out and accept yourself, flaws and all.  It’s also great to enjoy the fruits of your labor, being able to regularly travel, dine in nice restaurants, shop more freely, and share these joys with your family.

3. What are the challenges?  Loss. Your life can change in an instant, whether from a health issue, and/or a myriad of other possible setbacks. After 20 years of marriage, my husband left me for my best friend, and I never saw it coming. The same year, my mother (Ginger) passed away from lung cancer.

4. What strategies do you use to overcome the challenges? Knowing how quickly things/people that you love can be taken from you, I enjoy life and family to the fullest every single day, never take anything for granted.  No postponement of joy: lots of hugs and kisses, music and dancing, always great outfits, always yummy food.  My grandkids know my motto: “Work hard, play hard, enjoy every day!”

5. What words of wisdom would you have for the younger generations or your younger self? Don’t waste time – fill your days with opportunities to learn and grow and regularly leave your comfort zone. Exercise, eat healthy, enjoy your young body and stop obsessing on what isn’t perfect! 

6. How important are your female friends and why?  Tough question for me because I have never had many female friends, never been one to like ‘girls night out’ or typical female activities.  Those female friends that I do have are like family to me and I treasure them dearly.

7. What attributes would you want in a romantic partner? Smart, kind, thoughtful, sexy, adventurous, outgoing, sexy, generous, well-dressed, sexy.  Hubby fits the bill. 😉

8. What do you find most fulfilling at this stage of life?  I love being 62!  There is a peaceful feeling knowing that whatever struggles I face, I am not the first to face them. There is satisfaction in knowing that you can still look great, it just takes more effort.  There is gratitude knowing that I have an amazing relationship with my husband. The best part of all: being completely content with myself, no longer trying to ‘fit in’, no longer sad if I am ‘different’ from others.

9. What fears do you have and what do you do to move past them?  I am not unrealistic about the fragility of life, but I have no fears. I accept what comes and I am grateful for what I have enjoyed thus far. 

10. Style is a reflection of who you are. What style reflects you? Bold and sexy, with a fun mix of masculine/feminine…in the business setting I am perfectly professional, a fan of sheath dresses and Smythe blazers…when the sun goes down, the heels go up and anything goes from leather shorts to an off-the-shoulder dress…animal prints, floppy bows, leather, Burberry scarves, Wolford anything – some of my favorites!

11. What place does nutrition, fitness and wellness have in your life? What do these look like for you?  Truth be told, the main reason for my dedication to nutrition and fitness is VANITY.  The side benefit is wellness!  I exercise 6 days a week (30-45 minutes) and follow a diet that is high in protein and veggies, low in carbs.

Beverly Woodworth

Beverly Woodworth

Meet Beverly Woodworth

Health and Well-being, Champion of Women

Beverly Woodworth, at 65 lost 50 pounds, up-leveled her style & got fierce. The new her: anti-agism, activist/midlife fitness, and fashion upgrade evangelist.


Beverly Woodworth

Articles by Beverly

Ageism Is Literally Killing Midlife Women

Recently I suffered a crisis of confidence that had me seriously doubting whether any of the efforts I had been making to inspire midlife women to make life-affirming changes were making any difference at all. I had achieved a goal many women long to achieve; I had finally figured out how to lose 50 pounds after 50 years of trying, had gotten, upgraded my style and vitality all after the “advanced” age of 65.

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Teri Lee Steele

Teri Lee Steele

Meet Teri Lee Steele

Health and Well-being

Teri Lee Steele is a personal trainer, Pilates Educator and Owner of Steele Pilates on her website where you find her online classes or book sessions.


Teri Steele

Articles by Teri

It’s Not What You Do, It’s the Way You Do It

Most of my days are spent with my private personal training clientele. I am blessed to have had a great number of them for 25 years now; and, I have watched them age from 55 to 80 and beyond with grace, strength, and style. They go to lectures, museums, ballroom dancing, fllm festivals, etc. and they have committed themselves to exercise 2-3 times per week with me.

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Kaz Akers

Kaz Akers

Meet Kaz Akers

Health and Well-being, Author

I write poems and short stories based on the human condition, especially for women.  My first was published when I was only 14.


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Articles by Kaz

Operator Error: Live and Learn at Any Age. A Pro-aging Tip From Me to You.

I’m writing from a borrowed PC somewhere between Barking Sands and Kalaheo, Hawaii.




Early this morning a cup of coffee (not mine, I drink tea) was accidentally catapulted onto my MacBook Air.

I got the kiss of death on the computer screen: a white folder with a black question mark in it.

What does that mean?

Au revoir, MacBook Air.

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Interview with Kaz

I was busy raising a child and producing television when I reached midlife. I didn’t have time to ponder what midlife was.  I had no obstacles at that time. It was only when I stopped dying my hair that I faced ageism and a lot of that was from women my age.
I’m not sure you have enough space for me to list all the positives of midlife.
I’m challenged with osteoarthritis because of my career as a former dancer, stunt person, professional water skier and circus artist.
I keep my muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons as supple as possible by eating the right foods and the appropriate exercise, sleep, meditation, Qigong, a good attitude and a fantastic son and husband.
I have female friends I have known for 43 years, and some for just 2 years and everything in between. I have very unconditionally loving friends. We connect as much as possible. Life would not be the same without them.
I have a kind, generous, compassionate, loving, caring and challenging husband  and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Being at this stage of life is really fulfilling. Not everyone has the luxury.
Fears? What are those? Ok, yes, I’ve got them but never for long.
Style? I wear what I like. I have always marched to the beat of my own wardrobe drum. Some days I’m in an Indian kurta, and some I’m in a black t- shirt, black jeans and a black pin-striped jacket with patent leather loafers.
The most important thing for me: to keep a smile on my face and in my heart. Too many people have misplaced theirs and I’m happy to share!
Jocelyne Kelsey Leach

Jocelyne Kelsey Leach

Meet Jocelyne Kelsey Leach

Health and Well-being

Jocelyne Kelsey Leach is a Women’s Empowerment Coach & Yoga teacher. Retreats, classes, workshops.


Bobbi Parker Hall

Articles by Jocelyne

Is It Too Late?

Is it too late?
Your point of view matters.
The difference between the age-less and the age-ing, is the point at which they decide it’s ‘Too Late’.
I have taught yoga for many years, and as I have got older I have attracted an older crowd to my classes.
I survey them from time to time, and almost unanimously they say they come to yoga for their health.

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