If I could tell you just one thing…it would be to reach for the stars, why not?

If not now, when???? Also, I believe in making a plan to accomplish one thing towards that goal each and every day. Think with intention and just go for it!

The Tough Stuff of Aging..

I find that I continually vacillate regarding the work that I’m doing to build this community of Pro-Age Women. Sometimes I honestly awake and say sh•t I don’t feel like attending the meet up that I actually initiated!!

I ask myself why am I doing this?? I’m tired and I really don’t feel like dressing or acting the part of a thought leader or connector. So that’s the tough stuff.. the pushing my body and mind to keep up with my passion for my newly found purpose..but the good stuff is the freedom and awareness to accept my limitations and create my own life’s balance..oh, what a gift this stage of life brings with it!!!!!

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