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Spotlight On Ruth Yunker On Turning 70

Spotlight On

Ruth Yunker On Turning 70

by Meri Frischman

What can I say about Ruth? I just love her spirit. She’s a shining light. She exudes warmth and compassion. She’s open and honest and shares more than you’d expect from a new friend, and I just love that. Meeting through social media is one thing, but when we finally met in real-time, she more than met my expectations. The following depicts who Ruth is. This is her take on turning 70. We should all take heed.

“Baby, I’m the boss 
of me.” 
“I just had a freak out birthday. My 70th…SEVENTY, for god sake. Yes. It sounds old. So, I have to ask myself if I’m really going to play into archaic and disheartening aging truisms? Do I really want to keep believing my age says something about me that isn’t even remotely true?

All my mantras for grabbing hold of my personal power, humor and confidence are needing to be put into play right now! Big time. 
I’ve decided I’m going to love seventy. Change is good. Change is to be embraced. 70 is just a number. I have learned to fight back. Against my demons. Fighting back against our demons is the most important mountain to climb.

Why am I paying attention to a single number? I mean, hey! I stand in front of that mirror and I see a chipper chick. I see a happy human. A wonderful woman who has lived for seventy years, and knows a thing or two.

An ageless woman, thriving. Even if we adore where we are, we are always shifting. And it is good. We can always achieve a deeper self. A new self. A sparkling toy of a new self.” 

So, what did Ruth do? She spent the next year of her life traveling the world. How cool is that!! She did not allow age to define her life. She allowed who she is to define her; her essence to define her. She is truly a Pro-Age Woman.

And as I turn seventy this year, I hope I can take a page from my friend Ruth’s playbook and let my soul be my guide, to not focus on aging but rather on living. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could all learn that lesson?

Ruth Yunker is an author, humorist, story teller and traveler, championing the power and glory of the older woman. Her latest book is BABY, I’M THE BOSS OF ME. You can listen and laugh, and hear what she has to say at Her books may be purchased on Amazon or her website Follow Ruth on Instagram @ruth.yunker

Ruth Yunker On Turning 70


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