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The “comfort zone” may seem like the ideal environment. It is where we feel most secure, where we seem to have everything under control.

But, beware! The routine that this provokes can generate reluctance, existential emptiness and occasionally, even chronic depression.

The well-being that can be felt when you are in the comfort zone is not the product of personal pride or satisfaction of achievements and goals; but, rather the absence of negative emotions for a certain time.

Existence without challenges loses its meaning. Evolution would be endangered if we all lived in the comfort zone. Leaving the comfort zone could be seen as living in struggle. There are challenges and fears to overcome and skills to develop; but, if you learn to manage these without “stress” you will generate much joy and victories.

No matter how old you are, or the socio-economic comfort you currently enjoy, fulfillment can either be obtained by settling in your routine and achievements or going in search of new adventures and horizons. When the second option is chosen life becomes more meaningful. Youth becomes longer.

In the journey is where we develop our strengths and our character is forged overcoming fears and limitations that we thought we had. The journey is a fundamental part of our purpose as human beings. Our mind’s purpose is to create, it is in this state where mankind excels.

It is not easy to be constantly motivated. You must focus on your goals.

The moment you start losing motivation you begin to lose interest, and consequently you abort the dream.

I have learned that we must nourish the motivation continuously. It’s like love, if you do not give it attention, it will perish.

It is in our mind where dreams are forged. We have to continuously visualize what we want to see manifested.

Fall in love with the process and you will see the results.

How many times do wonderful ideas come to us and we let them slip by. Don’t think those ideas just disappear if we do not execute them. They will move on to a braver and more determined mind that will shape them until they are manifested.

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Ana Abislaiman