Pro-Aging is the new and exciting way of defining midlife and beyond. It is the idea that no one age is better than another; that we age on a continuum with each year bringing a unique perspective and learning.

I believe it’s that and so much more!

For me, it’s making a conscious choice to age with positivity; that is, choosing to be active, relevant and visible rather than to quietly disappear and decline.

There are definite challenges at this stage of life; but, we have to challenge these challenges by finding strategies to overcome them. Pro-aging is choosing to express who we are, to be who we are and to lead our lives toward fulfillment. It is choosing to live as a reflection of our wisdom, our years of acquired knowledge, our intuitive instincts, our unique traits; while, utilizing our creativity and developed strength to follow our dreams. All this, while appreciating and applauding our individuality. It’s a time to encourage and uplift ourselves as well as each other.. stop the negative judgments and ridicule.

Now, believe me, I know it is not an easy task to think with positivity where aging is concerned. It’s a process…to train your way of thinking…it can be two steps forward and one step back. Let’s be honest, as I’ve said before, there are challenges at this midlife and beyond stage of life; bodily and facial changes, economic concerns, health issues, as well as physical and mental fitness limitations. The trick is to continually reshape our mindset to take action, to make strides towards moving forward. This can be very difficult but well worth it!

This is what Pro-aging is all about…continually growing and evolving…being bold and fierce while continually emerging. Let’s be each other’s cheerleaders and reach for the moon. If not now, when?!?!

The Tough Stuff: Physical Changes

One thing that I’m sure is difficult for most of us at this stage of life is dealing with the physical changes, bodily as well as facial, that we see when we look in the mirror. Honestly, if I’m getting “down and dirty real,” it can be totally shocking!! I say who the F____ is that woman I’m looking at and what the F____ happened!!

Some days it gets to me more than others. Some days I can challenge the tough reality and some days I just can’t muster up the positivity. It’s exhausting!

Anyway, I try. I try to heed the advice that I give to all of you…and ..sometimes all it takes is knowing you’re out there and that we’re going through this together. Awwww, Community, Conversation and Connection…how fortunate we are!!

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