It’s been a little frightening and a lot of hard work..but, I’m walking the walk..and here’s how..

I am very excited to be working, very diligently as most of you already know, on building The Pro-Age Network. I’ve realized that I want to go deeper..dig deeper..have real discussions.. have true interactions..bringing our fabulous community of women 50 and beyond to life. We are in this together and together, maybe unknowingly, we are creating a new niche in life’s progression towards positive aging..what I’m calling Pro-Agers, the Pro-Age Generation.

I want to get to know you.. I want you to get to know each other..I want to create a safe space for content, conversation and connection.

As I believe that women are stronger when they stand together, I’ve created a membership community to take us to the next level; to collectively“rise up” uplift, support, and encourage each other.

Just to its core.. membership to The Pro-Age Network includes a bi-monthly publication focused on sharing inspiring stories as well as informational articles, written by experts in various fields, containing pertinent informational takeaways for living our best pro-aging life. The other uniquely distinguishable piece is an open invitation to monthly group calls for further discussion, connection and accountability.

My goal is for our network to continually grow and evolve into an interactive global community where everyone gets an opportunity to share their voices.

I’m so excited to continue this journey! Let’s take this ride together and see where it takes us!

I’d love for you to share your thoughts and stories. What would you like to talk about?

What would you want the community to look like?

If I could tell you just one thing…stay engaged in life, live with curiosity and start new hobbies or continue old ones. Find activities that fill you up and make you happy. Volunteer…Isolation is not healthy. Remain connected to others. So vital at every stage of life.

“The Tough Stuff: Pushing Ourselves”

At our stage of life, it’s not always easy to push ourselves. Some days, I just feel like hanging home; but, I know I feel better when I get up and out. So, I muster up the energy, both mentally and physically, and I Pilates, or for a 10,000 step walk or just to the local coffee shop..and some times I don’t. So, keep moving as much and as best you can; and when you feel like it, give yourself permission to take it what your body and mind need. It’s all in your hands.

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