Who We Are

We are a digital communications platform with a strong voice and a cool, edgy editorial style. Our purpose is to paint a portrait of the world of possibilities open to our powerful community, the 55+ modern-day woman. Our site is a work of love and reveals the importance of how, through our vision, we can express our heart and our concerns and therefore bring about change.

Our purpose is to “Shatter Age Old & Old Age Perceptions,” about aging and to make the true facts transparent to marketers who continue to think Gen Y is their target market.

WE are strong, visible and relevant and there’s research to prove it!

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Our Why

We consider ourselves to be a landing strip where we have the opportunity to celebrate you, highlight you and showcase you. Your work, your creativity, your stories, your purpose and your wisdom.

We have created this platform for you to be visible and confirm your relevance. To be seen and to be heard. To collaborate. To become a powerful collective force to be reckoned with; a place to share pertinent information focused on keeping our awareness, curiosity and enthusiasm alive; to leave a proud legacy, forging a new pathway for the generations of women to come.

We are not disposable. We are indispensable!