Dr. Margo Weishar, @margoweisharmd, is a Philadelphia Magazine Top Doctor and New Beauty Expert with offices in Philadelphia and Midtown. She specializes in laser and cosmetic dermatology and loves helping pro-age women look and feel their best. For more info www.springhousederm.com

As a cosmetic dermatologist my work is helping people to look their best. What I have found from treating patients over the last two decades is that most people really want to look like the best version of themselves. And what they are really looking for is not youth. The secret to being happy with your appearance is confidence.

There is no question that as women we make many choices in how we represent ourselves to the world. Clothing styles, brands, handbags, hair style and color all project an image to the public of who we are. Just as wearing your daughters’ jeans can be tricky to pull off (although some women certainly can!) trying to look much younger than your age can be jarring and project a form of insecurity and an unwillingness to accept the fact that you’re in your fourth, fifth, sixth and more decade. However, many of the current methods of skin care are perfectly targeted to our generation.

One of the major changes that I have seen over the years in my practice and in the eld of cosmetic dermatology is the emphasis on procedures that have little to no downtime or healing. I remember the days when women only had the choice of surgery to help improve their appearance. When resurfacing lasers were developed it was a breakthrough, although one that required two weeks of healing and risk of infection. Now we have multiple options; that is, fractional picosecond lasers, radiofrequency, ultrasound, cryolipolysis and more that can lift, tighten, remove fat and resurface the skin, all without having to miss a beat from our busy lives.

With so much available it is more than ever imperative to consult with an experienced physician who continually stays informed about the latest research and innovations. As our laws permit anyone with a medical license to perform these procedures— doctors in any specialty, nurses, NP, PA- it is up to the individual patient to ask and investigate the qualifications of any one they put their trust in to provide their treatments. As a physician, I can only speak to my training, which of course includes medical school, two residency programs, one in internal medicine and the second in one of the most competitive residency programs dermatology; followed by many years of professional conferences and over 25 years of development of techniques with laser and non invasive techniques. In short, having spent a lifetime learning and perfecting skills it is hard for me to comprehend how one can master the full range of technical skills without similar experience. All of that scientific knowledge must be paired with an equally important artistic

eye, as each face is unique and a cookie cutter or paint by numbers approach will invariably lead to the obvious looking work with which we are all too familiar. I am looking forward to working with the Pro-Age Woman as a resource for your questions allowing you to get answers from a board- certified Dermatologist. There is so much contradictory information available now through all sources. We are delighted to introduce an “Ask the Doctor” feature where I will address YOUR questions and help to guide you to the best solutions for your concerns.

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